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How fast is 160 cc push mower?

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That is 0.705 of a cup.

Generally it does. However a lawn mower can have a higher horse power than another brand mower, even though it has a lower cc. There is no general equation for converting from cc to horsepower for all engines and the conversion will depend on several factors such as the efficiency of combustion of the gas/air mixture, spark plug position, speed of the engine etc.

Nasty Fast! for an 80 cc

10 and 2/3 metric tablespoons

It is approximately 2/3 of a cup.

The amount of cc will influence the accelaration and the gears will influence the speed you can reach. You could go very fast with a 125 cc bike, but it will normally take you longer to reach that speed than with a 1100 cc motorcycle. dmx

There is not a conversion from cc to mph, but a 150 cc motorcycle will go about 70 mph.

5 CC OS a measurment of volume, not speed.

A lawn mower and a leaf blower are appliances. They begin with the letter l.

TVS Apache RTR 160 CC Yamaha FZ

There is no correlation between hp and cc, for instance, a 125cc motocross bike delivers around 25 hp, a 480cc briggs I/C flathead delivers 12 hp. The 140cc flathead lawn mower engines are between three and four hp.

Try here:

A vespa 150 cc super can do 50 mph, and a vespa 150 cc sprint can do 60 mph.

it depends on the size of the engine and number of cc

10W-30 or Straight 30W, the Walmart or Meijer brands are ok

how fast does 250cc Orion dirt bike go

i know a 110 cc is 45 mph so a 49 cc would be around 20 mph

If u want gud power with mileage then go for pulsar.if you want sheer performance with gud speed then u shud go for Apache 160.

The 149 cc Kohler engine on my lawn mower takes ( 20 ounces / 600 ml )

A 179 cc engine is around 5.5-6 horsepower. There's no hard and fast rules on cc to hp conversion there are too many variables.

In Canada, it is apparently sold under the MYD banner and distributed by CTC. However, the engine is actually a Loncin 173 cc Vert engine (the CTC version) made in China.

A blaster is 200cc unless it has been modified. With a few mods it can be made scary fast

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