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How have basketball techniques changed?

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Well in the early days of Basketball players were more fundamentally sound wheres as now days players are much more flashy. Also in the 50s players shot release was much lower and percentages were lower because the shot technique was not as effective as it is today. Players took more shots in the old days also. Although they didn't have 3 point lines, they almost always scored over a hundred points. They didn't have a lot of set up plays either. The game involved more fast breaks, guards taking the first shot they got, or giving the ball directly to their big man. Today, there is more set up plays, and the guards walk the ball up the court, instead of pushing it like the guard did in the old days.

2006-11-09 19:57:12
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Which players have changed the game of basketball?

ballinBrian Scalabrine changed the game of basketball

How has basketball changed the world?

basketball has changed the world by giving the people of earth somthing fun to do

What are two defense techniques in basketball?

man and the zone

How is basketball shoes changed?

how have basketball shoes change ove the years

Two defense techniques in basketball?

the zone and player-player!

What strategies can be used for dribbling techniques in basketball?

Dribble a tennis ball

How has the equipment for basketball changed?

Shatterproof Backboard.

What is the job description of a basketball coach?

is the process of teaching athlete the fundamental and techniques,in physical and mental skill execution of the game of basketball

What are techniques in basketball?

I Think It May Be Man And Zone? What Is This For?I Do This In Btec Sportxx

How has diving changed overtime due to technology or science?

what rules have changed over time with basketball

What has the author Bob Cousy written?

Bob Cousy has written: 'Basketball concepts and techniques'

How has basketball changed over time?

The uniforms have changed,the courts have been stronger, and the injuries occur more.

How often do basketball nets in NBA get changed?

every game

Has the size of the NBA basketball changed from the early days?


How was the use of basketball and appearance changed overtime?

the use of basketball has changed over time because it was once just a sport for ymca athletes but now its used for fitness and to entertain us

What hasn't changed between basketball today from when it started.?

The tradition of numbering the uniforms has not changed in basketball. This tradition to help referees identify players for fouls dated back to its beginning and continues today.

How has the basketball court changed since the origination of basketball?

hope was here learn to live live live life as it comes

Why has basketball changed over the years?

the game of basketball has changed over the years because of the fact that the equipment has changed and such as the shoes the rim the ball and even the umber of players that can play at one time on the court. not only that but the rules have been added to and they now have calls

How has basketball changed since its invention?

Basketball started off with just two peach baskets so I would think so

How have sports changed since ancient Athens?

Many sports have changed since the ancient Athens but the sport that is still played today from the Athens is basketball. Believe it or not, a similar sport to basketball was played during the Athens.

Who were the players that changed the rules in basketball to make the game fair?

LeBron James

Has the size of the basketball court changed from the early days?

BasketballYes. The original court was 50' x 35'. See link below.

When was it called netball?

Netball came from basketball so was originally called basketball but over the years the name has changed just like the rules!

Who started the NBA?

Inventor of the NBAThe NBA was founded by owners of major ice hockey arenas in the northeastern United States. This was in 1946 and the league was initially named the Basketball Association of America (BAA). The name was changed to the National Basketball Association when they merged with the National Basketball League, another professional basketball league, in 1949. In 2012 the league officially changed its name to the SBA or the Scalabrine Basketball Association.

When did NBA started?

The NBA (National Basketball Association) was founded in 1946, as the BAA (Basketball Association of America). It officially changed its name to the NBA in 1949.