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About 3 miles up.

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What is the locomotion of bees?

Bees can walk or fly.

Why can bees fly?

Yes, bees can fly. However, their bodies are not made in a shape that allows them to fly, thus it is a mistery to science how they can really fly.

Is it normal for honey bees to fly at night?

No, honey bees usually only fly in daylight.

Do bees fly faster in the rain?

No. In fact, bees won't fly in rain at all if they can help it.

Can bees fly when wet?

Yes, bees can fly in the rain for a limited time, but they try to avoid it.

Can bees fly in the rain?

Bees can fly in rain, but they don't like to. The sun helps their navigation/sense of direction. When bees get caught in a thunderstorm they have to either fly or wait out the storm

Do bumble bees fly?

yes they do fly

Do bumble bees fly or move at night?

Some tropical bees can and the European hornets fly at night.

How are bees and moths similar?

Moths and Bees can both fly.

Do bubble bees fly or move at night?

No, but bumble bees do.

Do bees fly?

Yes, they have wings and fly with them to get around.

Do bees fly in formation?


How do bees move?

they fly

Can bees fly sideways?


Can bees fly when it rains?


Can bees polinate and fly on the moon?

There is no atmosphere or flowers on the moon so no bees can niether fly nor polinate

Can bees fly backwards?

Yes, bee can indeed fly backwards. Bees have the ability to fly in numerous directions and can also hover in one spot.

Why do bees fly at night?

They usually don't fly at night.

In what speed bees fly?

Bees can fly at up to 15 miles per hour (24 kilometres per hour).

Can bees fly in rain?

Bees can fly in light rain, but they prefer not to. They can't fly in heavy rain -- imagine being that size and being hit by a raindrop...

How can bumble bees fly?

With their wings.

Do bees fly in the rain?

Not usually.

Which are the insects that can fly?

bees, flys,

Do bees need to fly?


Why bees has pair of wings?

To fly