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By position, offense vs defense, coaching, etc.


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An animal cell is compared to a football team because there are many parts that work together. Each part has a different job.

Recently, the Japanese teams has been doing better in tournaments compared to the South Korean team.

Brazil are the best by a little compared toPortugal and they are both much better than England in football!

No Hawaii does not have a professional football team. The only football team they have is a NCAA football team, which is the University of Hawaii

Yes all players are paid a small amount compared to the real team.

The setting of a football team is the arrangement of how football team players play football on the pitch e.g 442

It could be compared to a football.

Sebastián Abreu has the most caps and goals compared to any other team member, so personally I would say he is the best on the team.

A football team in the National Football League, of American style football.

Nick's favorite collage football team is Dallas Football Team

football team, they are the new England Patriots

not many people watch nascar compared to football which most of the world players(unless your talking about American football)

No football team is number seven. Football teams are not numbered.

way less than football because football teams have more players on one team. Basketball has usually 9 to 15 players compared to 53 players on a football team.

the football team form Idaho is the vandals

sheffield fc were the first football team

Arizonas football team is the Arizona Cardninals.

The Bahamas national football team

I guess there is no international football team of Pakistan.

there is no Alaskan state football team

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