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Irrational Numbers can not be repeating decimals. Any number that is a repeating decimal is rational.

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Is this number rational or irrational 0.113113113...?

Any decimal that terminates or repeats is a rational number; as 0.113113113.... repeats the digits "113" it is a rational number. 0.113113113... = 113/999 (in fraction form).

Is 1.131331333133331...a rational number?

no, rational numbers have a pattern that repeats, this number doesn't.

If a number is a real number can it be rational and irrational simultaneously Why?

No. A rational number is a number that either terminates or repeats. An irrational number neither terminates nor repeats. Therefore, it cannot be both.

Is a repeating 36 rational?

Any number that either terminates or repeats the same pattern over and over is rational - and vice versa: any rational number either terminates, or repeats.

Does a rational number repeat?

A rational number always repeats or terminates which can be thought of as repeating zeroes.

Is 0.040040004.. a rational number?

The answer depends on what the ellipsis represents. I suspect that the number is not rational.

What are the rationnal numbers?

Any number that terminates and repeats. 0.44444 is a rational number, fractions are rational and whole numbers are too.

Why is a rational number a terminating or reapeting decimal?

A rational number terminates or repeats because in both cases they can be represented as a fraction (in a/b form.) When a number keeps going with no period (no part of the number repeats) it cannot be written in a/b form.

How do you tell if a number is rational or irrational?

a rational number repeats but terminates.ex:3.333333333. a irrational number doesn't terminate or repeat itself. ex:3.334334433444.

Is 75.082106 repeating rational or irrational?

Any time a pattern of digits repeats over and over, it's a rational number.

Why is 0.895555555 a rational number?

A rational number can be expressed as a ratio of two integers. This one (assuming the 5 digit repeats) can be expressed as 4433/4950.

Why can't repeating decimals be a rational number?

If the decimal representation of a number repeats, it isa rational number.

Why is a decimal rational?

Some decimals are rational, and some aren't. A decimal is rational when it terminates or repeats.

Is 0.83 an irrational number?

I would say no, it is rational. A number is only irrational if it repeats with no specific pattern.

Is -3.72 rational or irrational?

Rational. A rational number either terminates at a point or repeats in a pattern forever. -3.72 is rational because it ends at the hundredths place.

Is 2.333 a rational or irrational number and why?

Rational. Because it repeats. (Rational numbers either repeat or stop. Irrational numbers don't stop or repeat, such as pi)

How do you determine if a decimal is rational or not?

A decimal is a rational number if it ever ends, or if it repeats the same single digit or set of digits forever.

Consider the decimal do you think this decimal represents a rational number why or why not?

If the decimal terminates or repeats, it is rational. If it keeps on going forever, it is irrational.

Is 17.70027485281086486350.. rational or irrational?

If that's the complete number, then it's rational. But I see two periods after the '350'. Are those meant to suggest that the decimal goes on further ? If so, then in order to answer your question, we need to know whether the decimal ever ends or repeats. -- If it never ends or repeats, then it's an irrational number. -- If it ever ends or repeats, even if the repeat is several thousand digits long, then the number is rational.

Why is 4.89 a rational number?

It is a rational number because it can be turned into a fraction and unlike pi, which does not repeat itself. 4.333333333 would be a rational number because it is non-terminating, and repeats itself. basically, a rational number is any number made by dividing one integer by another(ratio).

What is rational number and irrational number?

Rational in the "rational number" sense means "capable of being expressed as a ratio" ... specifically, as a ratio of whole numbers. If you can write it as i/j where I and J are both integers (and J is not zero), then it's a rational number. Any number which can be written exactly as a decimal number that either terminates or repeats (for example, 0.25 (terminates) or 0.3333... (repeats)) is a rational number (those examples are 1/4 and 1/3 respectively).An irrational number is a number that cannot be written that way. Irrational numbers have infinite, nonrepeating decimal expansions.

Is 1 an irrational number?

No. An irrational number is a number that neither terminates nor repeats. Since 1 terminates, it is called a rationalnumber.No. An irrational number is a number that is not rational. Rational numbers are those who can be defined as the division of two integer numbers. As 1 is 1/1, it is a rational number, so, it's not irrational.

How can you determine -0.12131415.rational or irrational?

Since it has a finite number of decimals, it is rational. (An infinite number of decimals, that repeats regularly, is also rational - for example, 1/7 = 0.142857 142857 142857...)

How is a rational number that is not an integer different from a rational number that is an number?

A rational number which is an integer can be simplified to a form in which the denominator is 1. That is not possible for a rational number which is not an integer.

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