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Swell nothing really a rectangle is anparralelagram


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If you meant to say "rectangle", then yes.

a rectangle is no more than a parallelogram with 90 degree angles, or you could call it simply a quadrilateral

Adjacent sides of a parallelogram can be of different lengths.

A parallelogram can have adjacent sides and angles which are different. A square cannot.

A parallelogram has two pairs of sides which are parallel.

A trapezoid is different to parallelogram! Because trapezoid has one pair of parallel line and parallelogram has two pairs! PS. it obvious that these shapes is different you fool!

All sides of a rhombus must be the same. That is not required of a parallelogram.

All rectangles are parallelograms but a rhombus for example, is a parallelogram but not a rectangle.

No because a parallelogram has different properties to a rhombus but they are both 4 sided quadrilaterals

A triangle has three sides, while a parallelogram has four.

A parallelogram is a shape or figure with Four sides that have one of the opposite sides of one side the same lenth. So a square IS a parallelogram.

Although they have different properties a square and a parallelogram are both classed as 4 sided quadrilaterals.

Technically, a rhombus is a parallelogram, but a parallelogram is not always a rhombus. A parallelogram is any four-sided shape with two sets of parallel lines. A rhombus is a parallelogram with all equivalent side lengths. So, a rhombus is a more specific parallelogram. (And so is a a square or a rectangle.)

The area of a parallelogram is the base times the height; the height must be measured perpendicular to the base. If you correctly measure the height perpendicular to the base and you get different measurements, then you are NOT dealing with a parallelogram.

a rhombus is a diamond, all faces point to different directions, a parallelogram is like a skewed square has two parallel sides, __ \__\ < like this

It is important to know the different parallelograms. A long parallelogram is a parallelograms whose sides are long in length.

A parallelogram with equal angles and two pairs of sides of different lengths is a Rectangle. The rectangle is a special case of the parallelogram where the angles are all equal at 90°.

the difference is you bxh for parallelogramand you (bxh)x2 fortrianglea triangle has 4 sides and a parallelogram has 3 obviously they have different areas silly goose. I would know i go to harvard math

Yes, but that's not enough to define a rectangle, because it's also true ofany other parallelogram.In order to be a rectangle, it must have 2 pairs of equal sides AND a right angle.

A trapezoid and a parallelogram are both quadrilaterals. A trapezoid has exactly two parallel faces. A parallelogram has two pairs of parallel faces. A parallelogram has the same both "top" and "bottom" size. A trapezoid has different both "top" and "bottom" size.

a parallelogram with four right angles with sides different in length and width is That would be a rectangle. - HistoryDork

A rhombus, a parallelogram, and a rectangle, are different examples of quadrilaterals, that is, four-sided shapes.

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