How is badminton game won?


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Three sets of game played in total, played till 21 points with a 2 point lead win. If a 20-20 is spotted, then the game continues until one side games the 2 point lead (e.g. 23-21) up to 30 points whereupon the first side to reach 30 points wins the set. Win two sets out of three sets of the games wins the Badminton game.

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badminton is not a national game

Yes,badminton is an olympic game.

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A badminton match is won when a player wins a number of sets. The format of the game and the number of sets depends on the type of match, the organizers and if it's women and men, or doubles or singles playing.

badminton is a international game inthe world but, badminton game most played in Malaysia and china.

Badminton is a Racquet sport!

englandBadminton is the National Game of Indonesia & Singapore.

The equiments are a shuttlecock,a racquet,a pair of badminton shoes and a badminton net.

A badminton game is scored by hitting the birdie to the other side of the net.

Mark Todd has won Badminton Horse Trials four times! I cant believe it!

Christopher Badminton, but I think he was known as Chrissy.

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No ... through the 2008 Games the U.S. has not won any medals in badminton much less a gold.

badminton manner where the lord came back from India where they played another version of the game

It was named after Badminton House owed by Duke Where this game was played.

yes,Badminton can be played outside and inside if its not windy.

there are 4 different officials in badminton

badminton goes to 21 points.

Badminton originated from a 12th century game called paume.

Badminton is named for the country estate of the Duke of Beaufort, where the game was first played in England in 1873.

The Malaysian badminton Datuk lee Chong wei won the silver medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Badminton began in the mid-18th century when a net was added to the game called "Battledore and Shuttlecock". It was also called "Poona" as it was particularly popular in the town of Poona (now Pune). The game then became known as "Badminton Battledore" in about 1860 and then "Badminton" when played in 1873 at Badminton House.

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