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Q: How long does Michael Phelps swim a day?
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What does Michael Phelps do after a race?

He likes to relax after a long hard day of swim.

How much does Michael Phelps swim each day?

Phelps is reported to swim 5 hours a day, which means, in is case, no doubt over 10 miles.

How many laps a day does Michael Phelps swim?

a lot maybe 500

How many hours does Michael Phelps swim a day?

5 hours/day, 6 days/week

How much does Michael Phelps practice every day?

Michael Phelps trains twice a day with one day off. Michael Phelps has won a total of 22 Olympic medals.

How many calories does Michael Phelps eat?

Michael Phelps eats between 12,000 24,000 calories a day. He must swim a lot! He eats anywhere from the amount of six men to the amount of 12! He swims a lot!

What does Michael Phelps do on his down time?

Michael Phelps swims for eight hours a day, every day. How do you think he got that good?

How long does Michael Phelps practice each day?

22 hours per day but he takes Sundays off

How many miles does Michael Phelps swim in a day?

52. Chuck Norris swims 5 million, but Billy Mays sold them each a pool to swim in! Depends on how many pipes he's had...

What is Michael Phelps diet?

NBC reported during an Olympic story that he eats whatever he wants and about 8,000 - 10,000 calories a day. Eat...swim....sleep.

What Michael Phelps eats?

He eats 1200 calories a day!

How often does Michael Phelps train?

he trains every day for 5 hours a day

How did Michael Phelps train for the Olympics?

Michael Phelps trained evry day and ate lots for breakfast so he could have lots of proteine and stay in shape.

What is Michael Phelps moms religion?

she is of the Jehovah Witness Faith she may knock on your door one day to see if she can save you. don't open it, unless you want to learn how to swim better.

What does Michael Phelps do each day?

Micheal Phelps practices twice a day and two hours each practice,he swims every day including on Saturday and Sunday.

What modern day person is Poseidon most like?

Michael phelps

How many laps would Michael Phelps do per training day?


How many hours a day does Michael Phelps train for the Olympics in one day?

8-12 hours.

What is Michael Phelps favourite part of swimming?

Getting to eat 12,000 calories a day.

How many calories does Michael Phelps eat in a day?

Over 9,000 I'm serious

Is lebron James vo2 max higher than Michael Phelps vo2 max?

It is very likely that James Vo2 max is higher than Michael Phelps when measured on treadmill, but, while swimming Michael Phelps VO2 max will be higher. VO2 max is affected by many factors like training, efficiency, age, test protocols, athlete's training cycle period, sickness, etc. However, due to the nature of swim training - typically 4-5 hours a day plus dry-land training, plus Michael's genetic makeup and years of training every single day- it is most likely that Michael Phelps VO2 max shall be higher than James.

How often does Michael Phelps shave his body?

Michael Phelps has said that he shaves his entire body every 6 months. Or the day before a race. He says he shaves the day before bcause it makes you feel unbelievable. He said if you shave a few days before, you dont feel as good as you would if you do it the day before.

How long should you swim a day to keep fit?

i would swim and exercise about 5 hours a day but that is just my opinion!!

How long after hatching before a duckling can swim?

a day or two

Is Micheal Phelps Mormon?

Michael Phelps is not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church). You can check out the "Related Link" to see an article about Mormons participating in the 2012 Olympic Games.