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How long does an NBA game last?

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An NBA game consists of 48 minutes of play. However, with timeouts, halftime, free throws, and other parts of the game that cause time to stop, NBA games actually last around 2 hours and 15 minutes.

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How long does overtime last in the nba?

5:00 game time

How long is an NBA broadcast?

It depends how long the game last, there could be delays, maybe the refs had to stop the clock numerous of times, or maybe the game went to overtime. An NBA broadcast may last for about two hours.

How long does an nba basketball game last?

about 48 mins (minutes). Their experts that's why

How long does a nba game on tv normally last?

An nba game is 48 minutes. But, because of timeouts, halftime, etc. they normally lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes.

How long does an NBA game last beginning to end?

Without timeouts and stuff like that 48 min.

Where was the NBA championship game at last year?


How long will the spanish NBA jerseys last?

Not very long!

How long is a quarter in the NBA?

The quarters in NBA games are twelve minutes long, and there are four quarters in a game.

Who is the last NBA player to score 60 plus points in an NBA game?

Ben Dover

Who was the last Chicago Bull to play in the NBA All-Star game?

Michael Jordan was the last Chicago Bull to play in the NBA All-Star game. It was in 1998.

How long does the NBA season last?

82 games.

Who scored his last point of his career on the last play of the last game of the NBA Finals?

Mitch Richmond

How long is an average NBA game?

150 minutes.

How long are timeout in a NBA game?


What was the last NBA team to win the all star game?

the west

How long is a short timeout in an NBA game?

20 seconds

What was Michael Jordan's last game before his first retirement?

Michael Jordan's last game before his first retirement was Game 6 of the NBA Finals against the Phoenix Suns on June 20th, 1993. The Bulls won the game for their 3rd straight NBA championship. His last game before his second retirement was on June 14th, 1998, in Game 6 of the NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz. Again the Bulls won, completing their 2nd "threepeat." His last game was on April 16, 2003. The Wizards lost to the 76ers in Philadelphia.

How many minutes per quarter are there in a NBA basketball game at overtime?

All NBA overtime periods last 5 minutes.

Tincaps game how long do they last?

How long is a tinncaps game

How long is an NBA game?

They have 4 quarters in a game so a quarter last around 20 minutes (including time outs ect...) also there is about 35 minute half time so all together it last about 115 minutes! Welcome!

Where was the last NBA playoffs played at?

Playoff game locations are determined by the teams that are playing.

How long is a time out in an nba game?

There is the 20 second timeout and a full timeout which is a minute long.

How long does nba game last?

There are four twelve minute quarters which is a total of 48 minutes. However due to commercials/replays, halftime, refs stopping the clock, games usually last for 2 hours.

How long is a basket ball match?

A standard NBA game is 48 minutes.

When did NBA 2k11 game came out?

It has already come out, a long time ago.

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