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It depends, Ichiro has timed in at about 3.5-3.75 seconds, but an average is like 4-5 seconds.

2012-03-29 01:08:58
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How long does it take Jose Reyes to run from home to first base?

Last I checked, 3.2 seconds.

Can you over run first base after being walked?

Yes you can, just the same as running out a base hit, as long as you do not make any move towards 2nd base you can "over run" 1st base

First base in softball what does it do what does it mean?

First base is the base you run to after you hit the ball.

What is the orange base in baseball at first base?

I believe the orange base is a safety base for when you run thru the bag you don't run over the first baseman

How long did it take to run the first marathon in Greece?

3 hours

How long does it take a lion to learn how to run?

It depends on they can first walk.

What if a Runner doesnt run to first after hitting ball?

Simply the batter will get thrown out if the batter does not take a base ...NOTE : On a two (2) out situation NO run(s) count as a run till the batter takes a base ...

Why do you get to run to first base after a dropped third strike?

The ball is still on play on a dropped-third strike and a runner can attempt to reach first base as long as a runner doesn't occupy first base prior to the dropped pitch.

How often is a run produced when the first batter reaches base?

Every run produced must have a runner reach first base.

How long is it from first base to home base?

It depends on how your relationship goes. If she wats you to go from 1st to a Home run then you go to work on her. no wat i man?

How long does it take to go from 1st base to 2nd base?

The distance between first and second base in major league baseball is 90 feet, but the time it takes to run from one to the other really depends on the speed of the runner. A speedy runner might run that distance in close to 3 seconds while a slower runner may take closer to 6 or 7 seconds.

Do you have to run the bases when you hit a home run in baseball?

Yes, you must run and touch each base in succession (first base, second base, third base, home plate) for the home run to count.

Getting past first base?

You want to run through the base instead of to the base.

Which is the first base the batter should run to?

First base. The one to the right of home plate

How long did you run to get home run?

360 feet. (90 each base)

Do runners have to advance on a ground ball?

That depends on whether a runner is forced to vacate a base when a ground ball is hit. If there is a runner on first base and a ground ball is hit, the runner is forced to run to second base because the batter is running to first base. If there is also a runner on second base, that runner is forced to run to third because the runner from first is running to second. If a runner is not forced to run, they do not have to. If there are runners on first base and third base and a ground ball is hit, the runner at first is forced to run to second because the batter is running to first. But the runner on third is not forced to run because no runner is running to third base from second base.

What is a base runner in softball?

after you hit the ball, you run to first base and you are a baserunner..

Does run on third on third count Runners on first and third one out fly ball caught in outfield runner on third tags runner on first leaves early ball is thrown to first for inning ending double play?

first base was a force out so the run shouldn't count, As an example if the runner on first had tagged and tried to take second base and was thrown out after the run scored then the run would stand, because the base runner put themselves in jeopardy of being put out

On a walk to first base if you stop at first can you still run to second base when the pitcher has the ball in the circle asa rules?

No you cannot run to 2nd when you stop at 1st. It's either dont stop and go to 2nd, or stop at 1st and dont take the risk.

If a runner is on first base and a teammate who is up to bat hits the ball on the ground can the player on first base run to the second base?

Yes they can.

How long should it take for a beginner to run a 5k run?

When I ran my first 5k I took 45 minutes. I think around that time.

What a forced run in softball?

when someone hits the softball and and the person on first, second, and third base has to run tothe next base

What is the differecne between a tag play and a force play in softball?

A tag play is when it is required to tag a base runner to get them out. A force play is when it is required to have possession of the ball and touch the base to get the base runner out. By definition, a force play is in effect when a base runner is 'forced' to run to the next base because of the ball being hit and another runner being 'forced' to run to the base that the runner currently occupies. If there is a runner on first base and the batter hits a ground ball to third base, the runner on first base is 'forced' to run to second base because the batter is running to first base. In this case, a force play is in effect at second base (and at first base because a batter is always 'forced' to run to first base after hitting a fair ball. A force play is always in effect at first base when a batter hits a fair ball.). If there is a runner only on second base and the batter hits a ball to first base, the runner at second is not 'forced' to run to third base because no one is 'forced' to run to second base. In this case, a tag play is in effect at third base if the runner at second attempts to advance.

If a person is on first base and the ball is hit on the ground they have to run to the second base?

They don't have to run to second base, but the fielders can either tag them or throw them out by taking the ball to second base. If the fielders decide to first get the out at first it states in the rules of baseball that the lead runner can stay at first if that's what he chooses to do.

Why does it take a baseball player so long to run from second base to third base?

It doesn't take any longer than running from 1B to 2B or from 3B to home. The distance between the bases is the same...90 feet.