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How long is a soccer field?


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The following are the ''Official Dimensions of a Soccer Playing Field'' as set out by FIFA:

Length: minimum 90 m (100 yds) maximum 120 m (130 yds) Width: minimum 45 m (50 yds) maximum 90 m (100 yds)

International Matches

Length: minimum 100 m (110 yds) maximum 110 m (120 yds) Width: minimum 64 m (70 yds) maximum 75 m (80 yds)

The minimum length and maximum width are both 90 m, but FIFA rules state that a field cannot be square - the length must be greater than the width.


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it is half of a men soccer field

A soccer field is 100 yards long and 60 yards wide.

A professional women's soccer field is typically 75 yards by 120 yards.

The official soccer field size for adults can range from 50 to 100 yards wide by 100 to 130 yards long

same size as a foot ball field

cleats shin guards long socks soccer ball jersey goal net soccer field

about 100 meters or less

The dimensions of a high school soccer field are roughly 100 yards long by 60 yards wide.

Area of soccer field: 110 times 85 = 9350 square m

A fifth of a soccer field. Or about 65.6 feet.

A soccer field must be a rectangle.

Yes in professional soccer a soccer field is bigger than a football field.

The size of soccer fields vary. If you are playing in a U12 group or under your soccer field will not be regulation size. If you are playing U13 or higher you play on a regulation size soccer field. The kind pros play on.The field can be as long as 130 yards or as short as 100 yards. The field can be as wide as 100 yards. The minimum width for a field is 50 yards.

The standard regulation indoor soccer field size is 56 yards long and 35 yards wide. This is equal to 51.2 meters long and 32 meters wide.

the length of a soccer field is 120 yards

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what is the perimeter and area of a soccer field

A soccer field is two dimensional and has no volume.

No, a soccer field is a rectangle, not a square.

Singapore Polytechnic has a soccer field.

The field has to be in the shape of a rectangle. 105 metres long and 65 metres broad.

it is 54m length ways and 28m width

A very long tape measure can be used.

A field hockey field [that isn't used as some other sports field: Football, Soccer, etc.] is typically 300 yards.

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