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How many Brazilian football players are in the English leagues?


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in the premiership there arent that many - gilberto silva for arsenal and maybe a few others


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There are several teams with young players in the Spanish, English, German, and Italian leagues. This includes Manchester City, along with Real Madrid FC, FC Barcelona, AS Roma, Bayern Munich, and other club teams.

Because they have good players and skillful players and brazil players arn't greedy. The best player in braazil of all time is pele but right now it's kaka.

There is the NBA and there is a league with players not quite at the NBA level. The NBA is the major league with the professional basketball players. There are also college leagues, and elementary schools even have leagues.

well there is gyan and essien and probably more

At one time there were two professional leagues in American football, the National Football League and the American Football League. As would be expected the two Leagues competed for players and for fans. Representatives from the two leagues met and worked out a merger agreement where the leagues would combine and play as one. One of the conditions of the merger was that the champion of both leagues would play a game to determine the champion of American football. This game was called the AFL-NFL World Championship Game for the first four years. After the merger was completed, the name of the game was officially changed to the Super Bowl.

There are various reasons. It is a very popular sport in Europe. Some of the best countries in world football are in Europe, so there are lots of good leagues there and it is a good place to play. Players get well paid in Europe.

At the moment only David Beckham

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