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How many Friday's are in a year?



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The number of Fridays in a year is the same as the number of weeks in a year = 52 not so fast my friend, occasionally you'll have 53. It depends on 365 or 366 divided by 7 = 52.14285714.. or 52.285714.. Which is 52 weeks and either 1 or 2 days. So, if the year STARTS on a Friday, then you'll have 53 in a 365 day type year, and if one of the first two days is a Friday on a leap year, then you'll also have 53 Fridays. So look at January 1st (or also 2nd in a leap year) and you'll know the answer. No Friday's, 52. If a Friday is there, then you'll have 53. Fun and Easy.