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How many career wins does Derek Jeter have?

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Wins are awarded to teams not individual players.

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How many career wins does Richard Petty have?

200 career wins and 7 championships.

How many career wins did Randy Johnson have?

Randy Johnson ended his career with 303 wins and 166 losses.

R the Red Sox better then the Yankees?

No, no way, the Yankees have twenty-seven World Series wins and players like Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are making it to the Hall of Fame.

How many wins does Andy reid have?

128 career wins (118 with Philadelphia)

Who has won the most games as a New York Yankee?

Whitey Ford has won the most games as a Yankees pitcher with 236 wins. Derek Jeter has won the most games as a Yankees player.

How many career wins did Tim Wakefield have with the Boston Red Sox?

Tim Wakefield had 186 career wins and 168 career losses with the Boston Red Sox.

How many career wins does Jeff Gordon have in the Nascar Cup Series?

Jeff Gordon has 90 Nascar Cup Series wins in his career.

How many wins does Brett favre have?

Brett Favre has an NFL record 160 wins in his career.

How many wins did Cy Young get?

Cy Young has 511 career wins, and 316 losses.

How many wins did Andy Pettitte have in his career?

Andy Pettite had 256 regular season career wins. He has also won 19 playoff games.

How many career wins does martin brodeur have?

Martin Brodeur has 633 wins not counting Internationally. When counting Internationally he has 649 wins.

How many career wins for Phil Jackson?

As of the end of the 2008-2009 season, Jackson has 1,043 wins.

How many Career wins does tom landry have as a coach?

Tom Landry had 250 wins with the Dallas cowboys

How many wins did racehorse Manistique have?

Manistique had eleven career wins, all of which came at racetracks in California.

How many wins did Tim Wakefield have in his career?

Tim Wakefield had 200 wins during his career. He won 186 with the Boston Red Sox and 14 with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

How many wins did Richard Petty have in his career?

Richard Petty won 200 Nascar races during his career.

Who are the women's basketball coaches with 700 career wins?

As of January 16, 2008. Pat Summitt, Tennessee: 952+ career wins Jody Conradt, Texas: (ret.) 900 career wins Vivian Stringer, Rutgers: 777+ career wins Sue Gunter, LSU: (dec.) 708-308 career record close behind - Kay Yow, NC State: 653+ career wins Geno Auriemma 621+ wins

How many knock outs did Muhammad ali have in his boxing career?

37 wins by ko out of 56 wins from 61 fights

How many career Nascar victories did Dale Earnhardt Sr. have?

Dale Sr. had 76 Nascar Winston Cup Series wins and 21 Busch Series wins in his career.

How many career wins did Cy Young have?

Cy Young won 511 games in his career that spanned 1890-1911.

How many wins does Kyle Busch have in the Nascar Truck Series?

Kyle Busch has 40 Nascar Truck Series wins in his career.

What does Derek Jeter do after his baseball games?

well it depends if he lost he gets mad and goes in the team room and the coach yells at the team and if he wins he is happy and he goes in the team room and the coach gives everyone a hand how good they did in there baseball game that night

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