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How many cubic yards in an area 24x32x6?

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That is 4608 cubic feet, so 4608 divided by 27 cubic feet per cubic yard equals 170.6666... cubic yards


It depends on what the area is measured in, inches, feet, yards or metres.

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This area has a volume of: about 0.764 cubic meters.

There are cubic yards and there are square yards There are no cubic square yards. You can't convert square yards into cubic yards; one measures area, the other measures volume.

a cubic yard is 27 cubic ftyou have 5,000 cubic ft5,000 / 27 = 185.2 cubic yards

53.33333333 cubic yards. I think. Wouldn't you divide your numbers by three to get yards and then multiply those answers together to get the area in cubic yards??

An area with these dimensions has a volume of 3.03 cubic yards.

Cubic yards is a measure of volume and square yards is a unit of area. The two are not directly convertible.

This is not a valid conversion because cubic yards is a measure of volume while square yards is a measure of area.

cubic feet is a volume unit not area unit but anyway the result is: 768 cubic feet = 28.44 cubic yards

That makes no sense. -Square yards is AREA. -Cubic yards is VOLUME . They are totally different. (However, 3 yards cubed, i.e. 3 yards x 3 yards x 3 yards = 27 CUBIC yards)

An acre is an area, a cubic yard is a volume, the question has no meaning

It is impossible to express cubic feet as an area.

None. The extent of a football field is generally measured in terms of its area, for which the units would be square yards, not cubic yards.

There are 27 square feet in one cubic yard. This works out to be 10 cubic yards.

If the 1 cubic yard is in the form of a cube. Then its surface area is 6 square yards.

240 cubic feet = about 8.9 cubic yards. (8.88888889 cubic yards).

That is 22.222 cubic yards

This is not a valid conversion. Cubic meters is a measure of volume while square yards is a measure of area.

Your 1 cubic meter = 1.30795 cubic yards.

One cubic meter is 1.308 cubic yards.

There are 1.308 cubic yards in one cubic meter.

How many loose cubic yards is 9000 bank cubic yards?

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