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That would be 16 yards.

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Q: How many cubic yards of soil can a 16-yard dump truck hold?
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How do you get cubic yards to yards?

in a dump truck

How many cubic yards will my dump truck hold it is 16x5.5x8?

How many cubic yards will my dump truck hold it is 16x5.5x8

How much dirt can a dump truck hold?

The amount of dirt a dump truck can hold depends on the size of the dump truck. The average tri axle dump truck can hold 12 cubic yards of dirt, and a quad axle can hold 14.

How many cubic yards of material are in a belly dump truck?


Yards of dirt in a dump truck?

Need to know the specifics of the dump truck you had in mind. Tandem axle dumps in the company I work for... if they have a 'dirt tub' body, they can carry 16 cubic yards. The ones with the 'rock tub' dump bodies can carry 15 cubic yards.

How many cubic meters are in 20 yards in a 10 wheeler dump truck?


How much is a dump truck load of dirt?

It can vary, but usually 10 cubic yards.

How many cubic yards will a tandem dump truck hold?

I would like to see 20 cubic yards on a tandem. I would hate to pay that overload ticket.

How many cubic yards of dirt does a tandem axle dump truck hold?

17 tons

How much dirt does a dump truck hold?

How much dirt a dump truck holds will vary based on the size of the truck. Small dump trucks can hold around 7 cubic yards. Large double axle dump trucks can hold up to 20 tons.

How many dump truck loads in one thousand cubic yards?

Depends on the size of the dump truck bed, however if you have a 20 cubic yard bed on the dump truck and you fill it up, you'll have 50 loads. 1000 divided by 20 equals 50. If your dump bed was 30 cubic yards, like mine is, there would be 33.3333 loads. This also depends on the weight of the material, as the more dense the material the more it will weigh and the less you can legally haul.

What are the dimensions of a dump truck if the capacity is 32 cubic yards?

Whatever it is. That's only the capacity of the dump body... it says nothing about the wheelbase, height, etc.