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How many cubs do bears have?

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bears usually have one or two cubs during spring

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How many Cubs do black bears have in a year?

Usually 2 cubs

What animals have cubs?

There are many animals that have cubs. Some of these include bears, tigers, lions, pandas, polar bears, as well as panthers.

How many polar cubs they have?

If you're asking how many cubs Polar Bears have, they usually have one or two.

How many baby cubs do grizzly bears have?

they have about 2 to 4

How many cubs can a polar bear have?

polar bears can have up to 7 cubsthey normally have 2 cubs

How many bear cubs do female bears have at one time?

Bear litters are 1-3 cubs.

What are baby polar bears called?

Baby polar bears are called cubs.

How many cubs can grizzle bears have at a time?

A grizzly sow can have anywhere from one to two or three cubs at a time.

Do polar bears eat their cubs?

Sometimes. The male bears are far more likely to kill and eat cubs than the female bears.

How many children do bears have at one time?

It depends on the bear. Polar bears and black bears can have up to two cubs. Other bears can only have one cub.

Will black bears eat black bears?

No, but boar bears will eat cubs.

Do monkeys have cubs?

No they have babies, lions and bears etc have cubs.

How many offsprings do the baby polar bears have?

The usual number is 2 cubs.

Why are bears aggressive?

Mama bears are aggressive usually about their cubs.

How do bears protect their cubs?

they go rawr to the other bears

Are koala cubs brown or white?

Koalas do not have cubs. Bears have cubs. Koalas are not bears. Koala babies are called joeys, and they are born pink, hairless and undeveloped.

How many cubs can a polar bear have in a year and how many can they have in one birth?

Well polar bears can have at least 2 cub at birth, but I do not no how many cubs they can have per year.

How many cubs does a black bear have?

The black bears here in Tennessee have cubs dependent upon the food supply. In the past two years the food has been abundant and the bears are having up to 4 cubs each. Typically the average bear has between 1-3 cubs.

Why do female polar bears protect their cubs?

they protect their cubs from the males

Does the father help with cubs?

Father bears have nothing to do with raising cubs.

How many children can polar bears have?

polar bears usually have two cubs maybe three but mainly two hope this helps! :)

What do bears call their babies?

Bears can't talk... but we call them cubs.

Do bears eat eagles?

Bears will eat anything if they can catch it.No bears do not eat eagles but eagles will eat small cubs if they can get a hold of themNo bears do not eat eagles but eagles will eat small cubs if they can get a hold of them

When do black bears have cubs?


Are polar bears caring?

They are for their cubs.

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