How many fans does AS Roma have?

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Around 2 million
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How many fans do the Dallas Cowboys have?

For the fourth straight year, the Dallas Cowboys finished as the most popular NFLteam among sports fans in the 32-team league, according to a Harris Poll released on Monday. The poll was conducted Sept. 14-20 by Harris Interactive and surveyed 2,620 adult sports fans in the U.S. The five-time ( Full Answer )

How many fans does Avril have?

\n489756868327523489325983406734095746734875230876534875623857489623489547874406107401738661294593274 BILLION fans!!!!\n. \nwere u really looking for a specific answer? its not like some1 is gunna say 5,545 fans...

How many soccer fans in the US?

There aren't many, simply because everyone loves American football. Soccer is rising though, but I would say there are maybe 10%-30% of the population is a soccer fan!

How many fans did The Beatles have?

The Official Beatles Fan Club (run by their own company) boasted 30,000 members at its peak. The Beatles Monthly magazine peaked with 300,000 subscribers. Besides that, there were the thousands who attended their shows, and the millions who bought their records.

How many pound of tomatoes does one Roma plant produce?

thats too general of a question really. Anywhere from 0 to 20 pounds perhaps. It really depends on the length of the growing season, weather during the growing season, pest control, fertilizers, and varieties. Personally in the midwest I get 6-12 pounds per plant and grow 6 or 8 plants. Theyre potte ( Full Answer )

How many Roma were killed in the Holocaust?

Roma's are referred to as Gypsies. During the Holocaust, it's to besaid that around 300,000 Roma's were killed during the Holocaust.However, the figure is disputed by some and the death toll ofRoma's is to be said to be between 250,000 and 500,000.

Who are the Roma people?

This term refers to someone who is of Romani (sometimes called Gypsy) origin. The Rom people are believed to have originally come from Northern India. Leaving India they migrated through the Middle East and settled primarily in Eastern and Central Europe, as well as in lands along the way. Roma peop ( Full Answer )

How many fans does Cheryl Cole have?

It's impossible to know an exact number of fans. However, she has had two number 1 albums, various number 1 singles and has won many awards. This gives a good indication that she has a lot of fans.

How many fans does dbsk have?

DBSK has the biggest fanbase out of all Korean, and probably all Asian, artists. Their fan club is called Cassiopeia. We're talking millions of people.

How many itachi fans are in the world?

It's impossible to know. There have been no studies on this particular matter and therefore there is no known number. And even if a mass survey of all the world's inhabitants was taken, there might still be some who deny being fans, even if they really are.

How many fans does la roux have?

Well basicly she has billions of fans, infact only massive idiotic,stupid stupid idiots would say that la roux is rubbish (Well, there isn't many of them lol)!!!!!

How many types of fan worms are there?

Mechanical revolving blade fans are made in a wide range of designs. In a home you can find fans that can be put on the floor or a table, or hung from the ceiling, or are built into a window, wall, roof, chimney, etc. They can be found in electronic systems such as computers where they cool the circ ( Full Answer )

How many fans does Pink Floyd have?

Millions of fans. I have not met one person yet who does not like Pink Floyd. They are an incredible band. The band was really famous in their time. They could have been so much more, if Roger Waters did not have to control the band, which eventually forced their departure. But there are ton ( Full Answer )

How many talor swift fans are there?

Taylor swift has many fans and she loves them all. it is not said how many fans there are but from statistics there is about 50 million fans

How many miles from roma tx to dilley tx?

175 miles taking this route: . Take U.S. 83 NORTH to I-35 NORTH to SAN ANTONIO. JCT I-35 and U.S. 83 is in Laredo. . Take I-35 NORTH to Dilley.

How many fans does Gary Paulsen have?

I'm definitely one of his number one fans, but I'm sure there are more people out there that love his writing just as much as I do! My guess is about... 180,000,000! I'm probably wrong though.

How many fans do cage the elephant have?

On twitter they have about 500,000 followers but considering how many people are not on twitter and how many people are real fans, I would say about 450,000. Just guessing :)

How many fans are there of Justin Bieber?

out of 100 % 99% and all you 1% people are losers because what did he ever do to you for u hating Justin ?? Hes awesome talented and a GOOD HEARTED PERSON ! Well Currentlly Justin Bieber Has About (OVER) 50million fans out in the entire world! but its hard to say 'cause In Trwiiter There's He Has m ( Full Answer )

How many fans does Bayern Munich have?

Bayern München have 15-20 in Germany & 35-40 worldwide! 6:th popular club in the world after Manchester United,Real Madrid,Barcelona,Arsenal,Milan.

How many fans to Jada price have?

Jada Price has Alot of fans. 12,002 to be exact. the media sais her random and funny-ness has brought up the ratings.

How many fans Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus has NO fans because she is a terrible singer. Hope that helped! xoxo ;)

How many fans has Metallica got?

they have toured the entire world in a lot of ocassion, they have sold-out gigs every where even at the artic circle, they fan base got to be a few millions

How many fans does Jeff Gordon have?

While it's impossible to throw out an exact number of Jeff Gordon fans, it is safe to say that Gordon is one of the more popular drivers in the Sprint Cup Series, as evidenced by his 2nd place finish in the 2010 Wheaties Most Popular Driver Award. It is notable that his popularity wasn't always ( Full Answer )

How many rugby fans are there worldwide?

There are few if any accurate statistics for fan volumes. However, in 2007 in excess of 4.2 Billion people watched the RWC. This can aleast give you some concept of how many people now take an interest in the gam. This of course does not include the League sport which has a estimated global viewing ( Full Answer )

How many super bowl fans are there?

About every person in the us will be watching the game this year. as for other countries there are sure to be people watching. however that answer is not completely true because most just watch for the commercials. so everything is unknown. as for an exact number of fans that will probably never be ( Full Answer )

How many fans does selena Perez have?

Thousands. For when she performed her last concert at the Houston Astrodome on February 26, 1995, she performed in front of more than 66,746 people which was a sell-out

How many amps does it need for fan?

depending of the amps needed for the appliance or piece of equipment- for example a regular fridge needs 110v and a 20 amp breaker will be more them good for that- a electric range needs 220v and a double breaker 30amp will be fine for that - 220v are two 110v cables with no neutral wire - the 110v ( Full Answer )

How many kilometer from Roma to Nice?

680 kilometres taking this route: . Take A1 FIRENZE from Roma to A11 GENOVA via A12 LIVORNO. . Take A12 to FRANCE, where the highway becomes A8. . Continue on A8 to NICE

How many kilometers between Roma and Nice?

680 kilometres taking this route: . Take A1 FIRENZE from Roma to A11 GENOVA via A12 LIVORNO. . Take A12 to FRANCE, where the highway becomes A8. . Continue on A8 to NICE.

How many miles to roma from calais france?

1,750 kilometres (or 1,087 miles) taking this route: . Take A26, from Calais, down to A5 to LYON-DIJON, outside of Troyes. . Take A5 to A31 to LYON-DIJON. . Take A31 to A39 to GRENOBLE, outside of Dijon. . Take A39 to A40 to GRENOBLE. . Take A40 to A42 to GRENOBLE and CHAMBÉRY. . Take A42 ( Full Answer )

How many kilometers between roma and amesterdam?

1,650 kilometres taking this route: . Go up to AUTOSTRADA A1 towards FIRENZE. Follow signs. . Take A1 up to A9 towards COMO and CHIASSO, CH, via A50 TANGENZIALE OVEST around MILANO. . Take A9 up to SWITZERLAND, where the highway continues as A2. NOTE: You must buy a vignette and display it ( Full Answer )

What is German Roma?

The ethnic group which has most often been known as Gypsies, is more properly known as the Romany, sometimes abbreviated to the Roma. Those who live in Germany can be called the German Roma. Like the German Jews, the German Roma did not fare well in WW II.

What was pax roma?

The Pax Romana was a period of internal political stability which followed the civil wars which brought the Republic to an end. It lasted from 27 BC to 180 AD. It ended when powerful men fought wars to determine who would succeed to the imperial title.

Who were the creators of roma?

According to legend, Rome was founded by the brothers Romulus and Remus in 753 BC. In reality, the city of Rome gradually developed from a few villages in the region, which had been inhabited since 5-6,000 BC.

What was the pax roma?

The Pax Romana (Roman peace) was a 206-year period (27 BC to 180 AD) of relative political stability in the Roman Empire which followed the civil wars led to the fall of the Roman Republic. It was established through the strong control over the state exercised by the first Roman emperor, Augustus, w ( Full Answer )

Who was roma founded by?

Ancient rome was founded by Romulus.Romulus was the first of theseven roman kings.Rome was acually called Roma at the time