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How many football players died playing NFL football?


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December 07, 2009 1:36AM

08/20/2005 - Thomas Herrion, a San Francisco 49ers offensive guard collapsed after an exhibition game and died.

04/10/2005 - Al Lucas died from a presumed spinal cord injury sustained while trying to make a tackle for the Los Angeles Avengers (an Arena League Football team).

07/19/2003 - Julian Yearwood of the Bakersfield Blitz (an arenafootball2 (AF2) team) collapsed in the team bench and died.

07/30/2001 - Korey Stringer of the Minnesota Vikings collapsed of heat exhaustion following practice and he died at the hospital 15 hours later.

07/22/1979 - J.V. Cain a tight end of the St. Louis Cardinals, died of a heart attack during training camp.
10/24/1971 - Chuck Hughes, Detroit Lions receiver, died of a heart attack during a game.

09/08/1963 - Stone Johnson, a Kansas City rookie running back, died 10 days after he broke his neck in an exhibition game against the Houston Oilers.

10/09/1960 - Howard Glenn, of the New York Titans, injured his neck during a play in the first half and died soon afterward.

12/1954 - Dave Sparks of the Washington Redskins died of heart attack three hours after a game.

10/04/1948 - Stan Mauldin of the Chicago Cardinals collapsed in the locker room and died of a heart attack.

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