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How many fouls are allowed per basketball game?


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A player only has up to five fouls from high school up to college, and the NBA allows six fouls before fouling out. A team; however, may foul as many times as they want, granted they have the players to do so.

In my experience,only 5 fouls are allowed per basketball game. If you have 3, your coach may call a time-out and tell you to be careful. If you have 4 fouls, it is most likely that you will be taken out of the game unless there is not a large amount of time left in the game.

5 fouls are allowed in anything up to and including college. In the NBA, players are allowed 6. Five is the limit in international play.


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In the NBA you are allowed to have 6 fouls, but usually you get five fouls in high school, middle school, and college basketball.

in basketball you always get 5 fouls and then you are out. =)

Six fouls are allowed in the NBA.

There are 5 fouls in 1 minute of a basketball game so if a match lasts 5 minutes then there our 25 fouls in abasketball game

You can have six fouls or 2 technical fouls before being ejected from the game

In the NBA, you are allowed 6 fouls. After you get the sixth foul, you are out for the rest of the game.

5 fouls is when a basketball player will be kicked out of a basketball game due to fouling out.

If a player committs 5 fouls in a game they are taken out.

5 fouls - exception - two unsportsmanlike fouls will also get you ejected.

Only five fouls in highschool and college, and six fouls in the NBA

there are 4 fouls for a team in basketball

In the NBA a player is allowed up to 6 fouls. After a player has reached 6 fouls they're "fouled out" and cannot participate in the rest of the game.

Collegiate and High School is 5 fouls........NBA is 6 foulsThat depends on what league you are referring too. In high school, NCAA basketball, Euro League (I believe), and FIBA Basketball, if a player receives 5 fouls, he's fouled out of the game. However in the NBA/NBA Development League (D-League), if a player receives 6 they get fouled out.

It takes 6 fouls to get fouled out in a game of basketball in the NBA

There are personal fouls, technical fouls, and flagerant fouls. So, there are 3 different types of fouls in basketball.

Five then your rejected from the game.

4 personal,flagrant,intentional,and technical

there are many fouls in basketball. for a full list visit the porvided link below.

You can substitute freely in basketball. As many players as there are on the bench, that's how many substitutes there are. Players may be taken out of a game and then put back into a game. There is no limit to the amount of times a player can be taken out and put into a game. The only limitation to substituting is that you may not put a player in that has exceed the number of personal fouls allowed in the league. Once a player exceeds that number, they are disqualified and not allowed to play for the rest of the game.

Each girl has 5 fouls, and once they commit a fifth foul, they are out of the game.

there are 5 fouls before the penalty in basketball..........

The game is forfeited. Sometimes depending on how many players you have.

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