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How many fouls does each player get before fouling out of a girl's high school basketball game?

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Each girl has 5 fouls, and once they commit a fifth foul, they are out of the game.

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How long do you have to go to school to be a basketball player?

you don't go to school to be a basketball player

When can a high school player that has fouled out of a game reenter?

In any level of basketball, the player cannot return after fouling out. That is the point of the foul limit, which does not allow players to just foul without consequences. The player is only out for that game, however, and may play in any other game in the future.

Did jack nicklaus play basketball?

he was a good high school basketball player

How many team fouls in high school basketball before the penalty?

there are 5 fouls before the penalty in basketball..........

Where would a pro basketball player train?

in a high school on a basketball team or in a gym or a home on your basketball goal

Where did Pau Gasol go to college?

He went to medical school for a year in the University of Barcelona before he became a professional basketball player

When was basketball first introduced at the high school level?

Around the time basketball was invented. It hit high school before turning into the NBA.

Was barack obama a good basketball player?

He was the 6th or 7th man on a championship high school team in a state not noted for its quality of high school basketball. He did not play college basketball.

Who is Michael snaer?

he is a high school basketball player, check rivals.com

What are the requirements for a basketball player to get into the NBA?

he must be well trained player from middle school to college

What are the educational requirements for a prfessional basketball player?

There are no formal educational requirements for a professional basketball players, though notoriously most clubs will not hire a basketball player without a high-school diploma.

Did Jimmy Carter play basketball in high school?

Jimmy Carter played basketball at Plains Highscool and was a star player

Who is the best defensive basketball player in Bakersfield?

Raj Patel of Bakersfield is the best defensive basketball player yet. He currently plays at Rio Hondo Middle School. His dream is to be a basketball player when he grows up he said. His coach Mr. Lengierre says "Good Luck" to him on the State Middle School Championship game. He is the best player efensive player ever. But who knows will he be NBA PLAYER??

Whos the best basketball player ever?

spencer allison who goes to gibbs high school is the best basketball player ive ever metsorry wayland

Who is the best collage basketball player?

Mixing the hobby of making collages and the sport of basketball is a very unique question. I would assume a basketball player at a liberal arts school would take the cake though.

In high school basketball do you have to be at school on a game day?

No it actually doesn't matter as long as you get to school 4 hours before. JSN

What basketball coach did Larry Bird have in High School?

While basketball player was in High School is first coach was Jim Jones. Later Jones left to coach elsewhere.

What percentage of high school basketball player earn college basketball scholarships?

about 35% of high http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_percentage_of_high_school_basketball_player_earn_college_basketball_scholarshipsscholarships

Can you wear a basketball sleeve in middle school basketball?

Yes. Every league allows has to allow it because it is a an act of player boostering.

What is the education needed to be a professional basketball player?

There is no college education needed to be a professional basketball player. Although most players complete high school and enroll in college for a short time before jumping to the NBA. Overseas players must qualify for their team with whatever education requirements it has.

Is Zac Efron a basketballer?

No high school musical asked him to act a basketball player

How did Lebron James become a pro basketball player?

Lebron took school and he practiced

What was one of Jim Goodnight's earliest influences?

was a keen basketball player and cited his high school basketball coach as an important early influence.

What sport other than basketball did LeBron James play in high school?

Besides being a basketball stud and the number one pick in the 2003 NBA draft straight out of high school, LeBron James played football in high school. He was a 1st team All American football player at wide receiver as well as a the player of the year in basketball.

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