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Approx 642665 US gallons.

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A round, 16' diameter 4' deep pool has a capacity of about 6,016 gallons of water.

3982.5 Gallons. Formula is based on diameter x diameter x depth x 5.9

There are 3,634 liters (960 gallons) of water in a pool that is four feet in diameter and 8 feet deep.

A tank this size holds up to 3,004(3,003.967872) gallons.

Is the pool a circle? Do you want US gallons, or Imperial gallons?

Diameter X Diameter X Depth X 5.9 = number of gallons 25 X 25 X 4 X 5.9 = 14750 gallons

Length x Width x Height / 231 is the equation to get gallons.

a 4 feet diameter tank holds 94 gallons/foot. Therefore 94 x 3 =282 gallons

I assume you mean 5 foot diameter AND 6 inches deep: 9.8125 cu.ft. = 73.3975 gallons

A round pool with a 16-foot diameter and a 4-foot depth has a maximum capacity of about 6,016 gallons of water.

846 gallons of water for a cylinder 24 feet in diameter and three inches deep/long.

16.32 US gallons.16.32 US gallons.16.32 US gallons.16.32 US gallons.

Depends on the depth. If it is 4 feet deep and it is cicular with a diameter of 24 feet then you have approx. 13,553 gallons of water. If it is 3 feet deep then you have approx. 10,152 gallons of water.

My swimming pool holds 1250 gallons. It is 12 feet diameter and 3 feet deep.

It is difficult to determine the capacity of a container without all of the parameters. However, a container that is six feet and diameter, three feet long, and three feet deep will hold about 264 gallons of liquid.

This pool can hold a maximum of about 18,420 gallons of water.

Filled to the top, this well would hold about 956 gallons of water.

Use this formula: Diameter x Diameter x Average Depth x 5.9 = Total Gallons

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