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How many games are played in the quarter-finals of the Stanley Cup?


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2015-07-15 18:59:29
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It is a best of 7 series.

Just to clarify things abit...........

ALL of the post season NHL play-offs are a best 4 out of 7 format.

That means that a team has to get 4 wins in a series to advance to the next level, quarter finals, to semi finals, to the final championship series of games, that will determine the Stanley Cup winning team.


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Ever since the mid-1980s, all playoff series of the Stanley Cup are decided in best-of-seven games.

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A team must win 16 games to win the Stanley Cup in 4 rounds of the playoffs - Conference Quarterfinals, Conference Semifinals, Conference Finals, Stanley Cup Finals

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5 out of 16 seasons: - 1999 - Lost in Eastern Conference Quarterfinals (Bruins) - 2001 - Eastern Conference Quarterfinals (Devils) - 2002 - Lost in Stanley Cup Finals (Red Wings) - 2006 - Won Stanley Cup - 2009 - Lost in Eastern Conference Finals (Penguins)

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there is a total of 7 games, in order to win the series you must win 4. the 5th 6th and 7th are only needed if necessary. there are a total of 4 types of rounds. Quarterfinals-semifinals-conference finals -stanley cup finals. each round has 7 games. (if needed)

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