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In 2005 he won 6 events including 2 majors. (The Masters and The Open)

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How many majors did Tiger Woods win in 2005?

Tiger Woods won 2 majors in 2005. The Masters and the British Open

How many opens has Tiger Woods won?

Tiger Woods has won 3 Open Championships, 2000, 2005 and 2006.

How many strokes did Tiger Woods win the 2005 Masters by?

The 2005 Masters went to a play-off. Tiger Woods beat Chris DiMarco by one shot on the first play-off hole.

How many Tiger Woods games have been released on the Wii?

Tiger Woods golf games have become increasingly popular on the Wii because of the ability to actually "feel" your swing. There has been one Tiger Woods PGA Tour game created per year from 1999 to the present.

How many awards has Tiger Woods won in all?

how many awards has tiger woods won in all.

How many tournaments won Tiger Woods?

No Tournament has ever won Tiger Woods.

How many people are in Tiger Woods family?

Tiger Woods, Elin Woods, Sam Alexis and Charlie Axel.

How many tigers are there in tiger wood?

There can't be any tigers in Tiger Woods because Tiger Woods is a famous golfer.

How many wins are come from behind for Tiger Woods?

how many tournament wins are come from behind after 54 for tiger woods

How many hours a week does Tiger Woods practice?

The related link is Tiger Woods' daily routine.

How many times has Tiger Woods won the LA Open?

Tiger Woods has never won this event.

How many majors did Tiger Woods win in 2004?

Tiger Woods did not win any majors in 2004.

How many babies Tiger Woods had?

Tiger Wood can not have baby's.

How many majors has Tiger Woods won?

Tiger Woods has won 14 major titles in the world of golf

How many golf tournaments has Tiger Woods entered?

Tiger Woods has won 70 PGA tournaments to date.

How many majors have Tiger Woods won in 09?

Tiger Woods didn't win a major championship in 2009.

How many times has Tiger Woods won the Masters?

Tiger Woods has won the Masters 4 times.

How many times has Tiger Woods won British Open?

He has won it 3 times. He won it in 2000, 2005 and 2006.

How many hole in ones has Tiger Woods got?

Tiger Woods has 18 career hole-in-ones. 2 in majors

How many golf tour has Tiger Woods won world wide?

Tiger Woods has won 92 professional tournaments.

How many green jackets did Tiger Woods win?

4 green jackets, 1997, 2001, 2002 and 2005 Masters Championships.

How many houses does Tiger Woods have?

Tiger owns three different houses.

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