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He has scored no goals against Chelsea but he has scored 5 in 32 appearances for them


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No Fernando Torres is cup tied as he played for liverpool.

Fernando Torres is a pro footballer for Chelsea FC And the Spanish national team

Fernando Torres will leave Liverpool, but may go to Spain.

As of June 2014, Fernando Torres plays for Chelsea, a club in England.

Fernando Torres noe plays for Chelsea. He was sold by Liverpool for £50 million.

He play for Chelsea now ;).

He likes chelsea,because he knows he will do better at chelsea

As of March 2011, in the six appearances that Fernando Torres has made in all competitions for Chelsea, he is yet to score a goal.

Fernando Torres have won many trophies with Chelsea , they are as follows :- FA cup Champions League Europa League

The famous footballer Fernando Torres plays at the present for Chelsea in Spain. For Chelsea he plays the position of a striker and is a very important player on the team.

He gets $180,000 a week at Chelsea.

yes he only moved to Chelsea for the monies.

Athletico Madrid, Liverpool, Chelsea

Athletico Madrid, Liverpool, Chelsea.

Yeah he scored Saturday the 23rd for Chelsea v West Ham.

Fernando Torres is a professional Soccer Player on the spanish national team and Chelsea FC

No one has claimed Fernando Torres' shirt yet.

No, Athletico Madrid, Liverpool, and now Chelsea

He is currently number 9 for Chelsea FC. (2012)

Fernando Torres is a Spanish footballer who plays for teams Chelsea and the Spain national team.

no Edit: Actually, he went to Chelsea for £50,000,000.

They are Bolo Zenden, Nikolas Anelka, Fernando Torres.

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