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How many goals has Rooney scored in the champions league overall?


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At at 12-Feb-2010, Wayne Rooney has scored 16 goals in 50 UEFA Champions League appearances for Manchester United.


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Who has scored Premier league and champions league hatricks?

Wayne Rooney has scored 171 goals in the premier league.

messi has scored 69 goals in the champions league

Raul has scored 71 goals in the champions league which is the highest of all time.

in the Rome Finale, in the Champions League 2009, Eto and Messi scored in the final.

leonal messi scored 45 Cristiano ronaldo scored 50 but Rooney scored 58 but the most champion league where scored by ruud van nistrooy in his with Manchester united he score a amazing 74 goals

Steven has scored 32 goals in 104 UEFA appearances (which includes the other UEFA competitions).

Wayne Rooney scored a hat-trick on his debut in the 6-2 Champions League drubbing of Fenerbahçe at Old Trafford, 28-Sep-2004.

Milan last won the Champions league in 2007. In that match Filipo Inzaghi scored twice for them.

5 Spaniards have scored in a chapions league final

Only one for Manchester United, against Fenerbahce on his Champions League debut to finish a hat-trick.

Roy Makaay scored the fastest Champions league. He scored it in 10.12 seconds for Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid.

Currently, the record for most goals in the CHampions league is held by Raul and Messi. Both have scored 71 goals.

Wayne Rooney has scored 92 league goals and 133 total goals for Manchester United.

Lionel Messi, at the time of writing has scored 71 goals. This is also the shared record for most goals scored by a single player in Champions League.

The record Champions league scoreline is Liverpool 8 Besiktas 0

Daniel Amokachi for Club Brugge in 1993, the first season of the Champions League.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has scored for six different teams in the champions league. He has scored for Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germain.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has scored for a record 6 clubs in the Champions league. He has scored for Ajax, Juventus, Inter MIlan, Barcelona, AC Milan and PSG.

Messi has scored 71 Champions League goals for Barca. Incidentally, this is also the record for most Champions League goals by a single player.

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