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Ronaldinho have scored 185 goals


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Which season?

From 1998 to 2001, he has scored a total of 21 goals.

892 goals, most were scored in 2000 to 2010

It must be about 55 goals, mainly at Barcelona.

they have scored 9 goals this season

Ronoldhino has scored 892 goals in his career.

how many goals eto,o scored in this season

Messi has scored 47 goals this season in all competitions for Barcelona..

until 13.12.09 he has scored 12 goals

Roque Santa Cruz has currently scored 8 goals this season

in the 2011/12 season Gervinho has scored 4

this season , He has scored 9 goals in the premier league

Two. He scored two goals at the 2002 world cup, against England and China, and did not score at the 2006 World Cup

Lioel messi have scored five goals in this season.

So far this season he has scored 1 goals. It is still incredibly early in the season though.

Lionel Messi has scored 32 goals in the spanish league this season

Lionel Messi has scored aboput 26 goals in Spain.

Rooney has scored a total of 25 goals this season.

Messi scored a nice 38 goals in the competition season of 2010-2011

Wayne Rooney has scored 19 goals for country and club in the 2013/2014 season.

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