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How many home runs did Babe Ruth hit from 1914 to 1922?


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From 1941 to 1922, Babe Ruth hit 197 home runs.


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From 1914 through 1929, Babe Ruth hit 516 home runs.

In 1922, Babe Ruth received a $500 bonus for each home run he hit.

Babe Ruth hit his first professional home run in Fayetteville on March 7, 1914.

Babe Ruth was a pitcher for the 1914 Baltimore/Providence Grays, a double A team in the international League. In 121 at bats Babe Ruth had 1 home run.

Babe Ruth played only 5 games for The Boston Red Sox in 1914, and did not hit a home run.

Hanlan's Point on Toronto Island ...

Fritz Maisel of the New York Yankees hit the first home run allowed by Babe Ruth at Fenway Park on September 2, 1914.

He hit no Home Runs in his first year which was 1914

babe ruth whent to his home

Before Babe Ruth, Roger Connor held the home run record, with 138 home runs.

Babe Ruth hit 714 career home runs.

Babe Ruth ended his career with 714 home runs.

Babe Ruth Home Run Award was created in 1998.

Besides playing on the road, Babe Ruth played his home games in Fenway Park (1914-1919), the original Yankee Stadium(1920-1934) and Braves Field (1935).

The cast of How Babe Ruth Hits a Home Run - 1920 includes: Babe Ruth as himself

Babe Ruth hit 49 home runs in 1930.

Babe Ruth hit 46 home runs in 1931.

Babe Ruth hit 41 home runs in 1932.

Babe Ruth hit 46 home runs in 1929.

Babe Ruth hit 59 home runs in 1921

Babe Ruth hit 41 home runs in 1923.

Babe Ruth had 714 career home runs.

Babe Ruth 'Called Shot"Babe Ruth called his home run on October 1st in game 3 of the 1932 World Series against the Cubs.

Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs in the 1927 season.

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