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How many kids did Wilma Rudolph have?

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Wilma Rudolph had four children

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How many children did Wilma Rudolph have?

Four. Wilma Rudolph had four children

Is it any pictures of Wilma Rudolph kids?

Yes Because There Pics Of Everything Just Go On Google Or Bing And Search Wilma Rudolph Kids EASY AS 123

How many boys did Wilma Rudolph have?

the kids names were Yolanda ,Djuanna,Robert Jr,Xurry so what do you think the kids names are?

How many times did Wilma Rudolph get married?

Wilma Rudolph has only been married maybe 1or2 times.

Was Wilma Rudolph a girl?

Wilma Rudolph is a girl

What is the birth name of Wilma Rudolph?

Wilma Rudolph's birth name is Wilma Glodean Rudolph.

Where Wilma Rudolph kids at now?

they are all married nd are in tenesse i think.

When could Wilma Rudolph go to school?

Wilma Rudolph could go to school at the age of twelve.

What is the one thing Wilma did that was important in people lives?

Wilma Rudolph made the "Wilma Rudolph Foundation.

When was Wilma Rudolph born?

Wilma Rudolph was born on June 23, 1940.

Where did Wilma Rudolph live?

Wilma Glodeam Rudolph lived in Clarksville, Tennessee

When was the Wilma Rudolph foundation started?

The Wilma Rudolph Foundation that was founded in 1982.

Why is Wilma Rudolph famous?

Wilma Rudolph is famous for being a track star

What year did Wilma Rudolph retire?

Wilma Rudolph retired in the year 1963.

What were Wilma Rudolph hardships?

One Of Wilma Rudolph Hardships Are She Had A Brace On Her Leg.

Was Wilma Rudolph sisters with Yolanda?

Wilma Rudolph had a sister named Yolanda Rudolph. Wilma also named her daughter Yolanda; Yolanda Eldridge.

What is Adjectives to describe Wilma Rudolph?

- Wilma Rudolph had a sister named Yolanda Rudolph. Wilma also named her daughter Yolanda; Yolanda Eldridge.

How old was Wilma Rudolph when she was diagnosed with polio?

Wilma Rudolph was 4 years of age when she go Polio

Why is Wilma Rudolph famous and what contributions she made to your country?

Wilma made the Wilma Rudolph foundation in Indianapolis, Indiana

Did Wilma Rudolph have 21 brothers and sisters?

no Wilma Rudolph had 22 brothers and sisters Wilma Rodolph was the 20th of them

What did Wilma Rudolph do to change people's lives?

Wilma Rudolph created... "The Wilma Rudolph Foundation" which was a nonprofit foundation to help underprivileged children achieve their goals.

How many kids did Wilma Mankiller have?

Wilma mankiller had ? kids

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