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1link=0.01 chain=7.92inches

varun krishna(TRDCL)

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1 cent = 1000 square links.That is all.

Mobile penetration is 42 per cent in Kerala around 2525897 users

1 cent = 40.468 sq metres.

There are no countries Kerala. Kerala is a state in South India.

One cent is 1/100th of an acre. In square feet, one cent is 435.540069686 square feet.

there are 14 districts in keralaThere are fourteen districts in the state of Kerala.

44 rivers are there in Kerala.

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14 districts are in Kerala.

There are 63 taluks in Kerala.

There are 20 MPs in Kerala

There are 20 MPs in Kerala

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A metre is a unit of length. A cent is a unit of area. The two units are therefore incompatible.

5 National Parks are there in Kerala.

About 33,387,677 live in Kerala, India

There are 20 Ministers in Kerala Council of Ministry.

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Kerala was formed by merging Travancore-Cochin with the Malabar district.

This question is relating to land measurements in India, especially in south India. In India, one cent is 1/100th of an acre. In square feet, one cent is 435.6 square feet. One 6th of 32 tenths

Kozhikode District of Kerala has 117 villages.Total Grama Panchayaths in the Kerala district 78 as of July 2012. According to the Kerala Panchayath elections.

See the conversion chart at the related link that states 1 cent equals 40.50522648083624 meters.