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He has won 14 mens professional major championships. In terms of all time majors, Tiger Woods is second to Jack Nicklaus who won 18.

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In his professional career, Tiger Woods has missed two majors, 2008 Open Championship and 2008 PGA Championship.

Tiger Woods has 18 career hole-in-ones. 2 in majors

Tiger Woods did not win any majors in 2004.

Tiger Woods won 2 majors in 2005. The Masters and the British Open

Tiger Woods has won 14 major titles in the world of golf

Tiger Woods didn't win a major championship in 2009.

Tiger Woods is famous for being arguably the greatest golfer who has ever walked the earth. He has 92 professional wins, including 14 majors.

The Masters- Phil Mickelson. US Open- Geoff Ogilvy. The Open- Tiger Woods. USPGA Championship- Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods is basically paid huge appearance fees for playing at every event apart from The Majors and WGC events.

In 2009 tiger woods topped $1 billion in career earnings including sponsor money.

No one yet. Tiger Woods won all 4 majors in a row, but that was over 2 calendar years, this has become known as the Tiger Slam.

Currently no Golfer has one the Grand Slam. Although Tiger Woods has won the Tiger Slam all 4 majors in a row, and others have won the career Grand Slam, such as Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player.

By 2010 Forbes estimates Tiger Woods will have earned $1 billion.

He's won lots of Majors and even more other tournaments.

All 4 majors would hold equal importance for him.

Tiger Woods in 2000 and Ben Hogan in 1953

As a professional Tiger has missed 2 cuts; 2006 US Open and 2009 The Open.

Tiger needs four more majors going into the 2012 PGA championship. He has 14 majors and Jack has 18 as of August 8, 2012.

One thing that Tiger Woods will be remembered for is what a great golfing career he had and his many achievements as the number one professional golf player in the world.

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