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How many meters are equal to one cent of land?

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A metre is a unit of length. A cent is a unit of area. The two units are therefore incompatible.

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See the conversion chart at the related link that states 1 cent equals 40.50522648083624 meters.

How many cent is equal to 1 Are?"

Cent-what? We need something to go by here. 10 000 square meters = 1 hectares. Which means 1000 square meters is 10 centahectares.

400. Cent = 100. A centimetre is a 100th part of a metre

90 meters are equal to 90 meters

Answering "How many square meters is one cent?"This space is for answering one cent = 40.5108 squaremeter 1 cent = 435.5 ft²435.5 ft² = 40.4592 m²

1 us cent equal how many Pakistani rupees...

5 meters equal how many decimeters

0.9 meters equal how many centimeters?

1 cent = 40.468 sq metres.

1 cent = 40.468 sq metres.

1 cent = 40.468 square metres.

There is nothing equal. If you mean 'What is the diameter of a US Cent', it is 1.9 cm.

10 cent equal to how many pakistani rupee

2 metersif the number is in hundreds the just take of the 2 zeros for e.g 500 cent = 5m600 cent = 6 meters

It's equal to 0.0019 meters.

150 Nigerian cent equal to 1 us penny

If you mean centimeters than its a simple conversion: 100 centimeters = 1 meter, or .01 meters = 1 centimeter. If you mean cents as in currency then I am confused because meters are unrelated to currency.

A cent is an Indian unit of measure equal to one hundredth of an acre. Therefore, one cent is equal to 43560 / 100 = 435.6 square feet.

one cent is equals to three kuli 100 cents is equal to one acre one cent is equal to 435.6 Sq.feet

0.0092 centimeters are equal to 0.000092 meters. :)

3,000 meters is equal to 3 kilometers.

11,100 centimeters equal 111 meters.

Twenty meters are equal to 2000 centimeters.

480 centimeters is equal to 4.8 meters.