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46 penalties for chelsea so out of 171 goals 125 are not penalties


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I have no idea, but Chelsea is awesome.

I think it is Frank Lampard of Chelsea.

Frank Lampard joint Chelsea in 2001.

It is Frank Lampard of Chelsea with 120 odd goals.

I think it was scored by Frank Lampard for Chelsea at an Premier League match against Stoke City in 2009

Frank Lampard, as of the 6th January 2010, has scored 113 Premier League goals. 24 of those coming from his time at West Ham, and 89 and counting with Chelsea.

Frank Lampard joined Chelsea on May 15 th 2001i know you are tru

Frank Lampard is a professional footballer who plays for Chelsea FC and England.

Frank Lampard makes 100000pounds a week.

Frank Lampard has scored only one goal vs Barcelona. He scored this goal in 2006.

Chelsea paid £11 million to get Frank Lampard from west ham

As of June 2014, Frank Lampard plays for Chelsea, a club in England.

Frank lampard joint Chelsea he played for West Ham , he came from their youth. but he is the best player and chelsea roll

Frank Lampard gets 100, 000 pounds at Chelsea, every week.

No Frank Lampard was originally with West Ham and then moved to Chelsea in 2001.

Frank Lampard wears Jersey number 8 for Chelsea.

Frank Lampard plays his club football for Chelsea and represents England internationally.

Claudio Ranieri signed Frank Lampard from West Ham for 11.000.000 pounds.

frank lampard of corse.he made it 21 at the weekend against Blackburn has not missed a penalty in 3 years in a row

Frank lampard joined Chelsea in 2001 ao it is nine years.

no frank lampard have been in west ham from 1995 till 2001 and has been since then in Chelsea

frank lampard. the one from chelsea

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