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There are up to 15 players signed on a Basketball team. Only 12 can be dressed and ready to play in games, however.

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Q: How many people are on a basketball team?
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How many people in a basketball team?


How many people were on a basketball team?


How many peolpe in basketball team?

There can be as many people as you want on a basketball team but, only 5 players from each team are alloud to play at once.

How many people are allowed to be on a basketball team?


How many people on in basketball team?

10 at least in a team, five on the field

How many people like each basketball team?


How many people per team on basketball?

7 and a midget

How many people are needed on a basketball team?

probably about 14

How many people are a basketball team?

There is usally 13 to 15 players per team.

How many basketball teams can be made with 18 people if each team must have at least 5 people?

How many basketball teams can be made with 18 people if each team must have at least 5 people? explain

How many player in one team in basketball?

only 5 people can be on the court at once but you can have as many as you want on the team

How many people in basketball team?

there is most likely 12-15 players on a sing team

How many people are in one team for a basketball game on the court?


How many people can be on the qurt for basketball'?

10. 5 per team

How many total players in basketball each team?

About 10 people.

How many players are used in basketball?

5 people on each team...

How many people allowed on the basketball court?

1o people. 5 on each team

How many people can play basketball?

5 people can be on a team you can also substitute for a player

How many people are on the basketball team?

It Varies. You must have 5 people on the court though.

How many basketball players can be on the basketball court playing?

there can be 10 total people on the court playing. five people for each team.

How many team fouls in basketball?

there are 4 fouls for a team in basketball

How many people are needed to play basketball?

you need five people per team so 5 on your team and 5 on the the other.

How many players to a basketball team?

on the Syracuse basketball team there is 18 players

How many people are there on basketball?

A typical basketball team has at least 5 members because 5 people are needed to be on the court to play the 5 positions.

How many people play on a basketball quart at once?

In a standard basketball game, 5 people per team are on the court. This puts 10 people on the court at once.