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How many percent of the world is covered in desserts?

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Desserts are delicious, but I think you mean deserts, also "how many percent of the world" you mean to say: "what percentage of the earths surface is covered in deserts"

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How many percent is water and how many is land?

The world is covered with 71% water, leaving 29% land

How many of the world's deserts are sand?

Only about 20 percent of the deserts of the world are covered with sand.

How many percent of Antarctica is covered by ice?

Ninety-eight percent of the Antarctic continent is covered by a permanent ice sheet.

What percent of India is covered by mountains?

how many percent coyerd by mountain in india

What is a famous dessert in Madagascar?

Madagascar is known for its simple and flavorful desserts. Madagascar produces most of the world vanilla and many of their desserts are flavored with it.

How many acres are forested in the world?

In the early 21st century forests covered about 31 percent of the land area of the planet. This is equivalent to about four billion hectares.

How many desserts does Egypt have?

There are probably lots of desserts in Egypt. Every culture has lots of desserts. (There are definitely lots of deserts, too.)

What sort of recipes are covered on the BBC'S good food website?

Many types of recipes are covered on the BBC's good food website. One can find recipes for starters, vegetarian, desserts, pies, pasta, curry and seafood dishes for example.

What are some desserts from India?

Some good desserts in India are Indian sweets, fruit custard, and halwa. There are many more good desserts in India.

Are there desserts in Hungary?

Certainly. Hungary has many famous baked goods which serve as incredible desserts. Please see the Related Link below which shows such desserts.

How many desserts in Muslim world?

Unlimited number of dessert types. Difficult to count or to list.However, if you mean deserts not desserts, then there are mainly:North Africa desertSaudi Arabia desertSinai desert

How many vertebrates are in the world?

there are about 3 percent of vertebrates in the world

How many percent of the human population covers the world?

One hundred percent of the human population covers the world.

How many percent are the trees in the forest?

35 percent of the forest is covered with trees but this is for pine trees. But you could searh it up if you mean a different type of forest.In Africa you get like 0.1 percent :)

How many deserts does Delaware have?

Delaware has no desserts

How many rainforests were there 200 years ago?

Approximately 200 years ago, there were over 7 billion acres of tropical rainforest around the world, which covered about 12 percent of the planet's surface.

What are desserts made of?

Desserts can be made of of many different things. Many common desserts involve some form of batter (cake, cupcake, bread, cookie), sugar, or candy. Common ingredients added are sugars, creams, and chocolates.

How many percent of Earth covered by salt water?

70% of the Earth's surface is covered in salt water. Liquid fresh water covers less than 1% of the Earth

How many kosher desserts are sold in the us in a year?

That is impossible to answer, any more than the equivalent question for all desserts.

What is a fluffy dessert?

There are many fluffy desserts. Any whipped meringue or pudding will be fluffy. They also make marsh-mellow figures and desserts that are very fluffy. Many egg based desserts can be fluffy due to the whipped and air like quality.

How are desserts created?

cake of ace many ways

Are there any low calorie sugar free desserts available?

There are many low calorie sugar free desserts available. Recipes for them can be found on websites such as Buzzle, and Ask. These desserts can be purchased on Amazon and Consumr.

How many kids around the world skate?

About 57% (percent) of the kids around the world skate. That means 43% (percent) of the kids around the world don't .

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