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How many points is a full-court shot in basketball?


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A full-court shot is worth three points , if the court has a three-point line.

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A regular shot in basketball is 2 points, a shot that is thrown from past the 3-point line is worth 3 points, and a foul shot is worth one point.

2 points if it is a regular shot, and if you shoot it at the center line 3

Thay are three points, or three-pointers

Shot from the otherside of the court

A regular basket is worth 2 points in basketball. In basketball, a foul shot taken from the foul line is worth 1 point. A field goal, shot in normal play is worth 2 points. A shot taken outside the 3-point line will earn the successful attempt three points.

No the maximum points you can get in one shot is 3.

The word shot in basketball or (NBA) means an attempt to score either two or three points.

A regular shot is worth two points. Any thing outside the three-point line is worth three points. Each foul shot is worth one point.

If its shot behind the three point line three inside the three point line is two.

In basketball, a field goal (a shot made from outside the three-point line) is worth three points.

Baskets in basket ball are worth two points, but if the basketball is shot behind the 3-point line it is worth three ponts

That shot is only worth 3 points. Any shot made past the 3 point line is worth such and no more...unless fouled in the act of shooting. The you have the infamous "4 point play"

1 point if you make 1/2 or 2 points if you make 2/2

y successfully throwing the ball into the basketball hoop. usually this is 2 points, but if the ball was shot from outside the ring/three point line, then the person scores 3 points.

foul shot = 1 point any shot within or on the 3 point line = 2 points any shot beyond the 3 point line = 3 points

In basketball, a "field goal" is the official term for any basket made from the floor other than a free throw. Most of the scoring in a basketball game is field goals. They are worth two points, or three points if the shot is taken from behind the 3-point arc.

A shot in basketball is an attempt to throw the basketball into the hoop.

A 2 point shot in basketball is worth only two points. As long as the player shoots and makes the basket within the three point parameter, they are given two points for the shot.

You cannot; the highest you can score is a 3-pointer.

A jump shot is a shot you take when you jump in basketball!!!

you shoot a 3 point shot and make it or a and 1 on a 2 pointer

You can improve your basketball shot by practicing.

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