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There are very few sidearm submarine pitchers in the MLB but to name a few there is Mike Myers, Cla Meredith, Chad Bradford, and Mike Koplove.

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How many pitchers are in MLB?

There are 30 teams in MLB and each team carries 11 or 12 pitchers. That would make between 330-360 pitchers on active rosters in MLB.

Who are the current sidearm pitchers today in the MLB or the MiLB?

well im not sure if i got all of them but there is pat neshek Brett prinze Eddie orespa kelly wunsch

How many screwball pitchers in MLB?


Sidearm MLB pitchers?

There are quite a few pitcher in the MLB who pitch side-arm. These include Carl Mays, Elden Auker, Dick Hyde, Jeff Innis, Kelly Wunsch, Steve Reed, and Byung-Hyun Kim.

How many black starting pitchers in mlb?


How many pitchers can throw 95mph in MLB?


How many home runs did MLB pitchers hit in 2010?

16, all by National League pitchers. Yovani Gallardo of the Milwaukee Brewers led all pitchers in home runs with 4.

How are the pitchers chosen for the MLB All-Star Game?

Pitchers are chosen by the manager of the team

What MLB pitchers only pitch from the stretch?


What is the average batting average of MLB pitchers in 2008?


What year did the MLB pitchers mound height change?


Current mlb pitchers with 100 wins?

Cliff Lee

Who was bob Gibson?

He was one of the best pitchers in MLB history.

How many pitchers in MLB history have had 30 win seasons?

30+ wins in a season has been done 147 times in MLB history by 70 different pitchers, the last time in 1968 by Denny McLain of the Detroit Tigers who won 31 games.

How many feet is the pitchers mound from home plate in high school ball?

60' 6" feet from pitchers rubber to rear of home plate in high school, college, & MLB.

How many pitchers can be used in one MLB game?

There are different amount of pitchers in a 40-man roster, whether you have 25 pitchers (in both the starting rotation and the bullpen) or just have 10, in any game, you can use all of your pitchers. However, you can't use a pitcher once they are taken out of the game.

What is the cord around MLB pitchers neck for?

It is a Phiten titanium necklace.

What is the best pitchers park in the MLB?

Petco Park in San Diego.

How fast did MLB pitchers throw in the 1950's?


What is the distance MLB pitchers pitch?

60 feet 6 inches

Who are the winningest right handed pitchers in MLB history?

Cy young

How many mlb pitchers have thrown over 100?

nolan Ryan has doen it many many many times so has j verlander and Joel zumaya

What is the elevation of the pitchers mound?

In MLB, the pitching rubber is at a height of 10 inches.

What is The Diameter of the pitchers mound?

The diameter of an MLB pitcher's mound is 18 feet.

How many knuckleball pitchers are there in the 2008-09 MLB season?

2, Tim Wakefield in Boston and RA Dickey in Seattle.