How many sq miles and area are in Florida?


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Florida, USA - 65,795 square miles.

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Florida is 65,755 sq. miles in area or you can say that Florida is the 22nd US state and contains 65,795 sq. miles

Disney World is 39 sq. miles in area.

Its area is about 58,560 sq. miles.

Florida is 65,755 sq miles (170,304 km²).

The state of Florida covers 65,755 sq miles.

Walt Disney World, Florida - Covers an area of 39 square miles.

England is 50,346 sq. miles and Florida is 65,795 sq. miles. So you can fit just 1 England into Florida. The island of Great Britain is larger than Florida, at 84,556 sq. miles.

Ormond Beach, FL has a total area of 29 sq miles (75.11 km²).

Land area: 53,927 sq mi. (139,671 sq km).

Land area: 53,927 sq mi. (139,671 sq km).

Florida's area is 65,755 sq miles (170,304 km²).

Taiwan's area is 13,972 sq miles (36,188 km²).

Florida is 58,664 sq miles, of which land takes up 54,153 sq miles,and inland water 4,511 sq miles

Missouri is 69.7k sq miles, and florida is 65.75k sq miles, Missouri is roughly 4000 sq miles larger

Missouri has an area of 69,704 sq miles.

The Villages in Florida covers 5.56 sq miles (14.4 km²).

Massachusetts land area is 7,840.02 sq. miles, water area 2,714.55 sq. miles for a total area of 10,554.57 sq miles

The total area of Nevada is 110,567 sq miles. Land Area: 109,806 sq miles; Water Area: 761 sq miles.

Delaware's total area is 2,491 sq miles.

Sarasota is 25.93 sq miles (67.16 km²).

London covers an area of 659 sq miles (1,706.8 sq kms)

Antarctica's area is 5.405 million sq miles (14 million km²).

Thailand has a land area of about 198,115 sq. mi.

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