World War 2

How many stars are on the world war 2 memorial?


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4,000 gold stars are on the wall because they symbolize the World War 2.

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the gold stars in the world war 2 memorial represent family sacrifice.

There are 4000 stars to honor the dead from World War II CORRECTION: Actually there are 4048* stars

Well the world war 2 memorial is made from stone , the stars on the other hand are made from bronze metal, and their may be many more materials.

how many people work in the war memorial today how many people work in the war memorial today

Yes there is a world war i memorial

They represent all the soldiers who died in WW2.

the answer to that question is the world war II memorial

Which war memorial? There are thousands of them around the world.

World War Memorial Library was created in 1897.

World War Memorial Stadium was created in 1926.

There are many World War 2 Memorials. Please be more specific.

Indiana World War Memorial Plaza was created in 1965.

National World War II Memorial was created in 2004.

The American flag had 48 stars throughout the first World War.

No, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, World War II Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and DC World War I Memorial are all dedicated to servicemen and servicewomen.

The World War 2 Memorial in Washington DC is a memorial. It is not a tomb. No one is buried there.

The World War II memorial is on the National Mall in Washington, DC between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.

The World War II Memorial was designed by Friedrich St.Florian .

The National World War ll Memorial

There are MANY World War 2 memorials. An answer cannot be given unless YOU state which one you are asking about.

Washington DC is the home of the WWII memorial.

There are 19 statues at the memorial.

There are dozens, if not hundreds of memorials in Washington, DC. * Jefferson Memorial * Lincoln Memorial * Vietnam Memorial * World War 2 Memorial

Michelle A. Krowl has written: 'The World War II Memorial' -- subject(s): Monuments, War memorials, World War II Memorial (Washington, D.C.), World War, 1939-1945

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