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They Have 3

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Q: How many superbowls have the redskins won?
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How many Superbowls have the Washington Redskins won?

they have won 3 super bowls

How many Super Bowls has the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins won?

Cowboys have won 5 superbowls, the Redskins have won 3.

Who has more championships redskins or cowboys?

they both have won 5 but the redskins won 2 nfl championsips 3 superbowls

How many superbowls have the redskins played?


How many superbowls have the dolphins won?

They won 2 Superbowls

How many Superbowls have the Packers won?

They have won a total of three Superbowls. (I, II, and XXXI)

How many quarterbacks won 3 superbowls?

2 Quarterbacks have won three superbowls.

How many superbowls did Jim kelly win?

Jim Kelly won zero superbowls as the Buffalo Bills won zero superbowls.

What Super Bowls did the Washington Redskins win?

As of the 2013 season, the Redskins have won three Super Bowls:SB XVII - Redskins 27, Dolphins 17SB XXII - Redskins 42, Broncos 10SB XXVI - Redskins 37, Bills 24The Washington Redskins have won five out of nine superbowls that they've played in.

How many superbowls have the San Diego Chargers won?

all of them San Diego Charges won at least 14 superbowls.

How many superbowls have saints won?


How many superbowls have the seahawk won?


How many superbowls did patriots play in?

Well the Patriots have only won 3 superbowls and played in 6

How many world series for Pittsburgh won?

Pittsburgh has won 6 superbowls.

What division has won the most superbowls?

Through Super Bowl XLII, the NFC East has won the most Super Bowls with 11. Cowboys - 5, Giants - 3, Redskins - 3

How many Super Bowls did the Cowboys win in strike years?

None. The Washington Redskins won both Superbowls - XVII and XXII - that took place in strike years (1982 and 1987 seasons).

How many Super Bowls did the raiders won?

3 superbowls

How many Super Bowl have the 49er won?

The 49ers haev won 5 superbowls.

How many Super Bowls has Eli won?

Eli Manning has won two superbowls

How many times has the redskins won the super bowl?

The Redskins have won the Super Bowl 3 times.

Are the Washington Redskins a dynasty?

YES 4 superbowls in 9yrs winning 3 of them.

How many superbowls do the saints have?

The Saints have won 1 Super Bowl.

How many superbows have the san francisco 49ners won?

5 superbowls

How many superbowls has Kurt warner won?

1 with 1999 Rams

How many superbowls have the Kansas City Chiefs won?

1 (1970).