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Once unless the ball does not pass the line of scrimmage, or a defensive penalty is called.

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Q: How many times can you kick for a field goal in one possession?
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Why do they kick a field goal after a touchdown?

Because after a touchdown, the player will kick into a field goal to 1 point.

Can anyone other than the designated kicker kick field goal?

Anyone can kick a field goal.

Can you kick a field goal in the Canadian football league on second down and re-kick on 3rd down?

When a team kicks the ball, it gives up possession of the ball. I'm not sure if you meant whether a team that unsuccessfully attempts a field goal on second down is entitled to try for another field goal on third down, or if you meant whether a team that successfully kicks a field goal on second down gets another attempt to kick a field goal on third down, but in either instance the answer is 'no.' You only get one kick at the ball.

In football what happens if you miss a field goal on first down?

If the field goal is blocked, and you recover, you can re-kick another field goal. If you miss the field goal it is a turnover. So, it is best to kick your field goal on 4th down

In the NFL if you return a missed field goal and get tackled short of the spot of the kick where does your team take possession?

Where he or she just got tackled

What do you kick a field goal through?

the goal post

How far can Tanner kick a field goal?

55 yard field goal as a sophmore.

Do you get the ball back after a drop kick field goal?

No, its just like a regular field goal.

What is a goalie kick?

There is no such thing as a "goalie kick", but you are most likely referring to a goal kick.When: If the ball exits the field across the goal line, was last touched by an attacker, and a goal is not awarded, then the restart is a goal kick.How: The defense takes possession of the ball and places it anywhere in their own goal area. They then get to kick the ball back into play. The ball must leave the penalty area before it is in play. No player may touch it until it has left the penalty area.

How do you kick a field goal?

using a tee

Can you kick a free kick field goal after a fair catch?

In the NFL yes.

How much time does an NFL field goal kicker have to kick the ball?

When they score a touchdown they have to kick it away and also they have to make a pat after the touchdown or if its a field goal

Can the field goal kicking team catch the field goal attempt and run?

yes... they can its happened to me beforeNo. A scrimmage kick can only be recovered by the receiving team. It's exactly the same as a punt: If the kicking team is first to touch the ball, that constitutes an illegal touch. The only way the kicking team could maintain possession after kicking a field goal is if:The kick was no good, and the receiving team fields the ball and then loses possession.The kick was no good, and the receiving team touches the ball first within the field of play and beyond the line of scrimmage.The kick is taken on first, second, or third down, is blocked, doesn't cross the line of scrimmage, and the kicking team recovers.If a team caught its own field goal kick, the ball would be dead where the catch was made, and the opposing team would put it into play from that spot.

How many points is a field goal kick?


What is a rugby kick called?

There is; A goal kick Drop Kick Grubber kick torpedo kick Up and Under Cross field kick

When is a goal kick in soccer?

A goal kick is awarded to the defense when the ball completely exits the field across a goal line and was last touched by an attacker.

Goal kick in soccer?

You get a goal kick when the other team kicks the ball off the field where your goal is...then you put the ball on one of the corners of the goalie box and the goalie kicks it as hard as they can down the field

Can you score from behind half in soccer?

Yes. You can score from anywhere on the field at any time except from a throw-in or an indirect free kick. Also, you cannot score an own-goal directly from a kick-off, goal kick, corner kick, free kick, or penalty kick.

If I were to kick a field goal from the 20 yard line would that be consider as a 30 yard field goal?

They add 17 yards to the LOS. They measure from the spot of the kick not the los. It would be a 37 yard kick

What is a field goal in NFL football?

This is when the team with possession of the football lines up on the line of scrimage and a kicker from that team tries to kick the football between the two goal posts. If the kicker makes it, it is worth 3 points.

How many points does a team get when they kick a field goal?


Who scored a field goal on a drop kick?

Doug flutie

What is the average length of a field goal kick?

20 yards

What does a NFL kicker do?

they kick the football in the case of a kickoff, punt, turnover or field goal kick.

When is a goal kick awarded?

A goal kick is awarded when the ball completely exits the field across the goal line and was last touched by an attacker.If it does so between the goal posts, under the crossbar, and was not directly from an indirect free kick or a throw-in, then a goal is awarded and the restart is a kick off for the defense.