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How many times has Fernando Torres scored vs Chelsea?


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7 goals against Chelsea


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um.... I'll take a wild guess. 88 times.

Fernando Torres had played 107 times for Spain before the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

So far, Fabregas has netted 3 times for Chelsea, making 48 appearances in the process.

It was on 11/04/2009 when they lost 4-3 to Chelsea. (as of 14/04/2009)

Chelsea have won the E.p.L on three times.

Chelsea have won the champions league 3 times

never because Chelsea had a match with Manchester city and Chelsea won.

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Torres is 250 times better than kaka [which means poo]

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4th time Chelsea Winner done it.

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As of 27/04/09 Once in 2008, Man Utd Beat Chelsea on Penalties. Ronaldo scored during normal time. but missed a penalty

Chelsea have won it four times once in 1950, two with Mourinho and once with Carlos Anchelotti.

Chelsea have never won the Champions League

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Chelsea have won the E.P.L on three various times.

Chelsea are the have won a total of 59 and Liverpool 38

He scored 241 times in 342 matches for FC Barcelona. For the national team he scored 35 times in 88 matches

As of July 2014, Manchester United and Chelsea have faced each other 170 times.

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