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How many times has Michigan been in a bowl game?

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38 times. I think their record is 18 - 20.

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When was the first college football bowl game?

The first bowl game was the 1902 Rose Bowl between Michigan and Stanford with Michigan winning 49 - 0.

What year did Michigan State University play in its first bowl game?

1938.The 1938 Orange Bowl was Michigan State's first ever bowl game. They lost to Auburn, 6-0.

How many times have the Oregon Ducks been to a bowl game?


What year did Michigan University play in its first bowl game?

1902 Rose Bowl, then known as the Tournament of Roses Game. Michigan defeated Stanford 49-0.

Who is Michigan playing for a bowl game in 2010?

Florida Gators

How many times has Michigan and Oklahoma played in football?

As of the 2007 season, Michigan and Oklahoma have met once, that being the 1976 Orange Bowl. Oklahoma won that game 14-6.

How many times have the Miami Dolphins been to a championship game?

The Miami Dolphins have been to the Super Bowl five times, winning two of them.

How many straight bowl game appearances does Michigan have?

33 as of 2008

When was the last time Michigan missed a bowl game?

32 years

What teams have the most consecutive bowl game appearances?

Michigan at 33

What was the last bowl game Michigan won?

Michigan beat Tim Tebow's Florida Gators on Jan. 1, 2008 in the Capital 1 Bowl, 41-35.

Who played the 2004 Rose Bowl game?

The USC Trojans defeated the Michigan Wolverines in the 2004 Rose Bowl.

When was the last time Michigan won a bowl game?

Tonight...against VT !

What is Ohio state's bowl record?

Ohio State has been to a Bowl game 44 times. Their first appearance was in the Rose Bowl in 1921 and their most recent appearance was the Orange Bowl in 2014.

What was the final score in the 1981 Rose Bowl Game?

Michigan 23, Washington 6.

What teams played in the 1902 Rose Bowl game?

Michigan 49, Stanford 0

What was the final score in 1981 Rose Bowl game?

Michigan 23 - 6 Washington

Did Wisconsin play in the 1979 Rose Bowl game?

No, Wisconsin's 1978 record was 5-4-2 and they did not play in a bowl game. In the 1979 Rose Bowl, USC defeated Michigan 17-10.

How many times have the Ohio State Buckeyes been to a bowl game?

The Ohio State Buckeyes have played in 40 bowl games as of the beginning of the 2009 season.

Did president ford play in any college bowls?

No.The University of Michigan, where President Ford played college football, played in the first ever Rose Bowl game (then known as the Tournament of Roses game) in 1902 and then did not play in another bowl game until the 1948 Rose Bowl.President Ford graduated from Michigan in 1935.

How many bowl games has Michigan state university played in?

18 bowl games. Unfortunately when Michigan State was very good the Big Ten would not allow a team to go to a bowl game two years in a row. The total would be much higher. Actually wasnt that only true with respect to the Rose Bowl Game and not all Bowl games ????

How many times has the super bowl been tied at half game?

nobody really knows and why do you need to know

What year did they change the kick off time of the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl has been held at several different times through the years. Originally, it was an afternoon game, but became an evening game in 1979.

What are the five longest current streak of bowl appearances?

#1. Michigan on Jan. 1st 2008 appeared in their 33rd consecutive bowl game. #2. Florida State last missed a bowl game in the 1981 season. #3. Florida last missed a bowl game in the 1990 season. #4. Virginia Tech last missed a bowl game in the 1992 season. Edit: Michigan failed to make a bowl game in the 2008 season after posting 3 total wins. The current active bowl streak is: 1. Florida State 2. Florida 3. Virginia Tech

How many times has University of Michigan played the University of Florida in football?

2 According to College Football Data Warehouse, as of the start of the 2007 season, Florida and Michigan have met one time, that being the 2003 Outback Bowl. Michigan won that game 38-30.