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Sam woods is 15 weeks old!

Tiger Woods, he has spent 557 weeks at number one, as at 25/07/09.

It is Tiger Woods, however Mickelson could take the number one spot in a couple of weeks.

tiger woods has slept with a total of 121 women so far while he was married

i think that if tiger woods makes 88 million a year then if you divide that by 52 then you will get the answer because there are 52 weeks ina year.

Despite a short season, Tiger Woods still made $117.3 Million in 2008 in total earnings.

World number one Tiger Woods said on Monday May 14th that his recovery from left knee surgery is going well and that he hopes to play in the Memorial tournament in two weeks as well as the US Open

No, Tiger Woods is not dead.

The Tiger Woods Foundation.

The Tiger Woods foundation.

How about Tiger Woods Tiger Woods

tiger woods nationality is american.

His real name is Eldrick Tont Woods. His father Earl Woods has nicknamed him Tiger. He is mostly known as Tiger Woods.

they are not the same in any way tiger woods is just a name

No, Tiger Woods was born in December.

Tiger Woods live in the USA.

Tiger Woods was married to Elin Nordegren.

yes tiger woods was married in 2004

No, Tiger Woods currently has no coach.

Eldrick Tont 'Tiger' Woods.

Tiger Woods plays golf.

The lowest total score ever for 72 holes in the Masters Tournament was Tiger Woods' score of 270 in 1997.Tiger Woods=270