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A little over sixteen-million.

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2011-04-30 23:32:46
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Q: How many troops did America have in world war 2?
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Who was the commander of German troops in North America during World War 2?

There were NO German troops in North America. Maybe there was a Nazi Party in North America. Not sure.

How many troops served in World War I?

who took care of the troops in ww1

How did America raise troops during World War 2?

Conscription - same as Viet Nam war.

How many american troops in World War 2?

Around 16 Million US troops were deployed during World War 2.

How many troops did China have in World War 2?

china have over 20million troops.

How many troops were devoted to World War 2?


How many troops retrived in world war 2?

What? Retrived????

Where were the troops in World War 2?

It all depends what kind of troops you mean, America was in Germany and Japan, British troops were in Germany and other countries to protect the empire.

What happened in 1814 that allowed the British to commit many more troops to their war with America?

Nothing. Britain has never been "at war with America"

How many American troops were there by the end of World War 1?

By he end of WW1, around 52,000 troops were killed, and more than 200,000 troops were injured. tHis, compared to the some 4,700,000 American troops sent in, America left Europe bruised, but not broken.

What part did Canada play in world war 1?

Canada contributed many troops to the war. The Battle of Vimy Ridge was also a decisive victory for the Canadian troops in World War I.

What is the historical importance of the pentagon?

It is the war center of America and has supplied troops, a navy and air forces for the US Army and has helped by supplying and comanding troops air forces and navy ships during World War II and many wars.

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