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How many white players played under John Thompson Sr at Georgetown?

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2008-08-10 19:12:45

Mike Stokes, Bill Thomas, Craig Esherick, Mike MacDermott, Jeff

Bullis, David Blue, Terry Fenlon, Emmet Fitzgerald, David Dunn

(transferred to Alabama), Brian Kelly, Vladimir Bosanac, Mike Sabol

(transferred to American), and Brendan Gaughan were all Caucasian

players under scholarship during John Thompson Sr.'s (JT) tenure at

Georgetown. Actually during the 1970s, several Caucasian basketball

players were quite prominent and even had starting roles when JT

was coach. Mike Stokes was part of the first recruiting class

(Class of 1976) under JT. He had significant playing time and

showed a lot of promise during his freshman year, but I do not know

what happened afterwards. Other Caucasian players including Thomas,

Esherick, MacDermott, and Bullis also had significant playing time

either as starters or important role players during the 70s. It was

during the 1980s that JT apparently stopped using white basketball

players. He did recruit a few though (including Danny Ferry and Rex

Chapman) but they went elsewhere. That was when the perception was

created that JT was allegedly a racist who refused to utilize white

players. He didn't have a single Caucasian player on scholarship

from 1984 until the end of the 80s. During the early 1990s, JT had

several Caucasian players on the roster, but most were benchwarmers

and only Brian Kelly had a significant role. Afterwards, JT again

stopped using Caucasian players and through most of the 1990s,

there was not a single Caucasian player on Georgetown's basketball

team (not even as a walk-on or benchwarmer). Source:

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