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Muhammed Ali had seven wives

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Q: How many wifes did muhammed Ali have?
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How many children did muhammed Ali have?

Muhammad Ali has nine children's.

Is tatyana ali related to muhammed ali?

yes she is Tatyana ali is related to muhammed ali. tayana is his dauhgter

When was Muhammed Abdul Ali born?

Muhammed Abdul Ali was born in 1951.

How tall is Muhammed Ali Kesici?

Muhammed Ali Kesici is 170 cm.

How many kids has Muhammed Ali got?


How many kids did muhammed ali have?

He has 7 kids, all in college

Who would win in a fight between muhammed ali and bob Marley?

Muhammed ali, probably.

Boxer Muhammed Ali Is he still Alive?

yes. boxer muhammed ali is still alive.

When was Muhammed Ali Khan Wallajah born?

Muhammed Ali Khan Wallajah was born in 1717.

When did Muhammed Ali Khan Wallajah die?

Muhammed Ali Khan Wallajah died in 1795.

When was Mansoor Muhammed Ali Qattaa born?

Mansoor Muhammed Ali Qattaa was born in 1982.

Is muhammed Ali Muslim?

yes he is Muslim because when he converted to Islam he changed his name to muhammed ali

What was the names of the prophet muhammed wifes?


What disease did muhammed Ali die from?

Although suffering from Parkinson's disease, Muhammed Ali is, to my knowledge, still alive.

When was Ali Muhammed Nasir Mohammed born?

Ali Muhammed Nasir Mohammed was born on 1982-12-01.

How many children does Muhammed Ali have?

musa urogan and jadir and nursi4

How many times Muhammed Ali lost a match?

five times

Could Mike Tyson beat muhammed ali?

if muhammed ali fought mike Tyson in both their primes Muhammed ali would destroy mike Tyson-Ali would just use the rope a dope and let Tyson punch himself tired then Ali would put him away

When was Muhammed Ali Kesici born?

Muhammed Ali Kesici was born on May 16, 1989, in London, England, UK.

Who were muhammed Ali's parents?

Mr and Mrs Ali

How many matches did Muhammad Ali won?

Muhammed Ali had 56 wins (37 Coming By Kncokout) and 5 Losses.

How many medals has muhammed ali won?

1 gold medal in 1960.

Did Muhammed ALi first fight Joe Frazier?

No Joe Frazier one the first but muhammed ali one the other two

When was Adnan Muhammed Ali Al Saigh born?

Adnan Muhammed Ali Al Saigh was born on 1978-01-08.

What was mahummad Ali's wifes names?

Yolanda Ali