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How many wins do the Green Bay Packers have at Lambeau Field?

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How many loses do the Green Bay Packers have at Lambeau Field?


What year was Lambeau Field built?

Lambeau Field is an outdoor field that was built in 1957 for the Green Bay Packers to play in. It has seen many championship games.

How many seats are in the Green Bay Packers stadium?

The official seating capacity at Lambeau Field is 72,928.

How many times have the Chicago Bears played at Lambeau field in Green Bay and what was their winning percentage?

As of the 2nd game of the 2009-10 season the Packers and Bears have played 84 games in Lambeau Field and their record is dead even at 40-40-4.

How many seats are in Lambeau Field?

Lambeau Field has a seating capacity of 73,128.

How many people does Lambeau Field hold?

Currently, Lambeau Field can hold 73,128 people.

How many times have the Bears beat the Packers at Lambeau Field?

As of the 2nd game of the 2009-10 season the Packers and Bears overall record is dead even at 40-40-4.

How many Monday Night Football games has Lambeau Field hosted?

20 games (+ 3 at Milwaukee County Stadium). Packers are 13-7 at Lambeau on MNF (and 1-1-1 at MKE County Stadium).

How many Green Bay Packers players were from Notre Dame?

There have been at least 12 players to have been drafted to the Green Bay Packers, not to mention the ones who have walked on or were traded to The Pack. Did you forget Curly Lambeau? The Packers' Stadium is named after one of the greatest Notre Dame players in history.

How many super bowls did green bay when with curly lambeau?

0 ... Lambeau was the coach of the Packers between 1921-1949 and the first Super Bowl was played in 1967. He did win 6 NFL Championships during his time as head coach of the Packers (1929, 1930, 1931, 1936, 1939, 1944).

How many people can fit in Lambeau Field?


How many years did curly lambeau coach the packers?

for twenty nine years (from 1959 to 1988)

How many seats in lambeau stadium?

Lambeau field, after going renovations in 2012, holds up to 73,128 people.

Who was the first ever quarterback for the Green Bay Packers?

The Green Bay Press-Gazette, in editions following the inaugural league game Oct. 23, 1921, vs. Minneapolis, listed Adolph Kliebhan as the first starting quarterback in team history. Kliebhan, however, played his only career league game that afternoon, and didn't see many plays.While Kliebhan was the first starter, Curly Lambeau was really the team's first "field general." Lambeau would have started the Marines game had he not kept himself out after starting each of the four non-league contests. Lambeau threw both Packers passes that day. In fact, he started four of the team's remaining five games (Art Schmael started the Packers' second game, vs. Rock Island Oct. 30, 1921; Lambeau started the last four).

How many times have the Green Bay Packers lost at home to the Dallas Cowboys?

Dallas is 5-11 in games played in Green Bay and Milwaukee. Green Bay is 8-12 in games played against the Cowboys at the Cotton Bowl, Texas Stadium and AT&T Stadium. The Cowboys have won only twice in nine contests played at Lambeau Field in Green Bay -- in 2008 and 2016.

How many rows are there in section 104 at Lambeau Field in green bay wisc?

There are 60 rows in all the 100 level sections including section 104.

How many shares of stock in the Green Bay Packers are there?

There are 250,000 shares of stock for the Green Bay Packers.

How many games have the Green Bay Packers won in Dallas?

Green Bay has a 7-and-12 record against the Dallas Cowboys in games played at the Cotton Bowl, Texas Stadium and AT&T Stadium. In games played at Green Bay's Lambeau Field, the Packers are 9-2. In Milwaukee, their record against the Cowboys is 2-3/. Green Bay also won an important game in Dallas that did not involve the Cowboys. On February 6, 2011, the Packers represented the National Football Conference in Super Bowl XLV at the Cowboys' arena. They won the Super Bowl, beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25.

How did the green bay packers get their colors?

Many people do not know that the Packers colours were originally Blue and Yellow all the way up until the mid 1930's. (Contrary to their current Green an Yellow colouring.) The name-Packers originated on August 11th, 1919 when Earl "Curly" Lambeau solicited funds for equipment from the Indian Packing Company. He was given $500 for equipment on the condition that the team be termed the Green Bay Packers. The Indian Packing Company's logo was Blue and Yellow coloured hence the Packers (1919-1935) main colours. The reason behind the switch to green and yellow is uncertain. THANKS FOR USING ANSWERS.COM!

How many time has green bay been to the super bowl?

The Green Bay Packers have been to the Super Bowl 5 times. These were:January 15th 1967. Green Bay Packers VS Kansas City Chiefs. Winner - Green Bay Packers.January 14th 1968. Green Bay Packers VS Oakland Raiders. Winner - Green Bay Packers.January 26th 1997. Green Bay Packers VS New England Patriots. Winner - Green Bay Packers.January 25th 1998. Green Bay Packers VS Denver Broncos. Winner - Denver Broncos.February 6th 2011. Green Bay Packers VS Pittsburgh Steelers. Winner - Green Bay Packers.

How many trophies does Green Bay Packers have?

The Green Bay Packers have 3 Super Bowl trophies. They have won 13 League championships.

How many times has Green Bay Packers be to the super bowl?

the green bay packers been to the super bowl none of your buisnees times

How many times have the cowboys played in green bay since 1967?

Since 1967, the Cowboys are 1-6 in games played at Lambeau Field, but 3-1 in games played in Milwaukee.

How did the Green Bay Packers effect Wisconsin?

The Green Bay Packers bring many people to Wisconsin to watch the football games and visit the Green Bay Packer Museum. The Green Bay Packers made an annual revenue of $441 million in 2017.

How many players does the Green Bay Packers have in the hall of fame?

as of the 2011 season, the Packers have 26 inductees.