How many yards did Terrell Davis have in 1998?

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2225 ... 2008 rushing yards and 217 pass receiving yards.
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Is terrell Davis married?

no, and he/she never will be!!! Yes, He is! He got married in 2010 in the Fall. No info on his wife. He was dating her for two years, I think.

Who is Terrell Davis?

He used to be an NFL RB for 7 seasons with the Denver Broncos. In 1998 he won the Super Bowl MVP. He had three touchdowns, which was a Super Bowl first and he also had 157 yar

Does terrell Davis have children?

Well I heard he has AT LEAST 9 illegimate children. But experts say there could be anywhere from 15 - 30...and counting... Wikipedia says he grew up in a family of 8 childre
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What sport is Terrell Davis famous for?

Terrell Davis is well known as a former running back in American football. He spent all seven years of his career with the Denver Broncos, the team that originally drafted him
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What has the author Terrell Davis written?

Terrell Davis has written: 'TD' -- subject(s): Biography, Denver Broncos (Football team), Football players