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Tiger Woods' off course earnings in 2007 were $99,800,000.


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From endorsements and tournament performances $110 million.

The best indication of how much Tiger Woods earns from golf alone is telling you how much his on course earnings were in 2007. This was his best season to date. He earned $22,906,702, this includes $10 million for winning the Fed Ex cup.

The average golfer in the PGA can expect to earn $2 million from endorsements each year. Golfers such as Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy make much more.

$110 million in 2008 and 2009, but it will be way down in 2010 as he isn't playing as much and he lost some big endorsements.

Tiger Woods is more popular than David Beckham in the United States but not in the rest of the world where David Beckham is known not just for his football but his other endorsements. That would make David Beckham more well known.

tiger woods makes 4 dollars every secoend

Depends how good they are. The lower end would be around a couple of hundred thousand dollars. The average for a good player would be about $5 million and a top player like Tiger Woods $10-12 million. That is on course earnings alone, endorsements and sponsorships for Tiger Woods are around $100 million.

Woods make 5000.00 a minute, even while sleeping.

tiger woods did make about $4 a second before he cheated. now he probaly makes 2 to 3 dollars a second.

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It all depends who you are, what tour you play on, what you win and the endorsements you attract. Consider Tiger Woods, in 2008 he earned $110 million from playing and endorsements. Players like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson would make tens of millions a year in endorsements alone and on course earnings would reach around $10 million. A PGA Tour win is worth around $1 million. For missing the cut in some events it could pay around $10,000-30,000. A smaller tour like the Canadian tour has smaller purses and the endorsements are a lot smaller as the players are a lot less well known.

Tiger Woods's earnings are completely dependent on the number of tournaments he plays in and how he finishes. In 2008, he made approximately $12 million playing golf and an additional $110 million in endorsements from sponsors such as Buick and Nike -- making him the highest-earning sports star.

The company who make the Tiger head covers is called Daphnes.

i think that if tiger woods makes 88 million a year then if you divide that by 52 then you will get the answer because there are 52 weeks ina year.

According to Forbes (which lists him as the world's richest athlete), Tiger Woods made $110 million from 2008 to 2009.

In 2008 he made $110 million dollars from prize money and endorsements. The highest paid sportsperson in the world. He only played for around half the 2008 season, so that is quite impressive.

he makes about 900 billlion a day

According to Forbes, Kobe made $33,718,750 in 2007, including 62% ($20.9M) in endorsements. i think he makes $64 million

No, but he would make a great secret service man.

He had affairs with at least 18 other women.

he had an affair behind his wifes back

Tiger Woods rarely talks about politics. However he did make a speech at President Obama's inauguration. So you could say Democrat or maybe you couldn't who knows.

18 and his first was at age 6.

As a professional Tiger has missed 2 cuts; 2006 US Open and 2009 The Open.

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